10 People Charged With Sexually Molesting Minors (22.10.81)

Associated Press, 22nd October 1981
Ten people, including a Roman Catholic priest, have been charged with sexually molesting minors in connection with a nationwide ring promoting homosexual activity and pornography with young boys, a state prosecutor said Thursday.
The 10 were among more than 140 people arrested Tuesday in a police crackdown on the pornography network.
Yves Lesec, state prosecutor in the Paris suburb of Creteil, said the charges were filed in local courts around the country as part of a major investigation being handled by officials here. More charges are expected as police pursue the case.
Prosecution officials said the network was discovered Aug. 1 when a 10-year-old girl in Creteil told her parents there was something suspicious about a man who was taking her two brothers on vacation.
Police subsequently arrested Patrice Amaniera, 31, of Creteil, who for the past five years has run an association to help disturbed children.
A search of his home turned up pornographic photographs and film, and an address book containing what were believed to be the names of clients all over the country.
In addition to supplying pornography, Amaniera was believed to have arranged for young boys to visit his clients, officials said.
Police said they were investigating whether the 160 people named in the book were indeed clients and searching the suspects’ homes for documents and “indications that special ‘parties’ had taken place.”
Authorities said they also were trying to identify adults who posed with the boys in the obscene photographs.

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