Abusers will get off on this stuff’: Sony under fire for ‘repulsive’ video game Detroit: Become Human which shows girl, 10, ‘beaten to death by her father’ among a host of child abuse and domestic violence acts players watch 

Detroit: Become Human video game is branded 'repulsive'

Players take on the role of one of a cyborg housekeeper Kara, and can decide how the story unfolds. Kara goes to work for Todd, an abusive father, who orders her to clean the house and look after his daughter Alice. The storyline takes a dark turn with Todd exploding with rage over dinner and blaming his daughter for the break-up of his marriage. It is at this point that a petrified Alice runs upstairs. Screams are then heard before Todd lays Alice’s lifeless body on the bed saying: ‘It’s all over now, Daddy isn’t angry any more.’ Childline founder Dame Esther Rantzen called the game – made for the PlayStation 4 console – ‘sick and repulsive’. She urged publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment to either remove the child abuse scene or withdraw the game.

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