September 3, 2016

Pensacola Mom Arrested For Child Neglect After Boyfriend Beats 2-Year-Old Toddler To Death

Police officers from the Pensacola Police Department have arrested
a 25-year-old woman on charges of child neglect and related charges
nearly a month after her 2-year-old son was allegedly beaten to death by
her boyfriend.

The woman, identified as Mary Riddle was arrested at around 3:45
p.m., local time on Friday and was subsequently charged with two counts
of child neglect with great bodily harm as confirmed in a report by the
Pensacola Police Department.

Last month, on August 8, her boyfriend, 26-year-old Alonzo Thompkins
was arrested in connection with the murder of two-year-old Cornelius
Savage who was found dead by Mary inside her home.

According to reports, the child was under the care of Thompkins when
Riddle had ventured out. Upon her return, she found the child not
breathing and unresponsive. Following this, she called the police and
emergency services who took the baby to a local hospital where the child
was declared dead on arrival.

Following the incident, the Pensacola Police Department launched an
investigation into the incident. The investigation confirmed that the
little boy had suffered life threatening injuries that included
fist-shaped bruises on his back, bleeding on the brain, bruising around
his ears and a reddened area on his forehead. An autopsy report from the
Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that the boy died of “blunt force
trauma to the torso.”

Alonzo Thompkins, under arrest for the murder of a toddler
Alonzo Thompkins [Image Via Escambia County Jail]

Thompkins was immediately arrested following the death of the child.
Upon questioning, he told officers from the Pensacola Police Department
that he was angry at the child for “crying for no reason” and that the
toddler was “always whining.” The police report adds that Alonzo
repeatedly told the boy to stop crying. When the child did not, he
“popped” the boy on the back three times with an open hand.
In a separate confession, Thompkins went on to add that he had
tortured the little boy on other occasions too. In a separate incident,
he pulled the little boy out of bed, causing the child to lose his
balance and hit his head on a dresser. Officers confirmed that the boy
had an older bruise mark on his forehead which Thompson confessed to
have inflicted on the child in the aforementioned incident.

What makes the incident even more tragic is the fact that authorities
were aware of the fact that all was not well at the home where the
toddler lived along with three other children and their mother.
Questions are being raised now as to why the boy was allowed to stay
with Mary Riddle even after the child had once suffered a broken skull
in an incident in 2015. The boy was only recently reunited with the
family before his tragic death.

Following the death of little Cornelius, the Department of Children
and Families opened a review of the case at the end of which the three
remaining children were removed from the home. Upon investigation, the
department found that all three of the other children living in the home
were not being cared for properly. The children included a 5-year-old
boy, a 3-year-old girl and a 10-month-old baby girl, all of whom were
found in poor health. The investigation has also resulted in the
aforementioned arrest of Mary Riddle after it was found that the
3-year-old girl living in the home had several loop-shaped bruises on
her body and had broken a collarbone. When Thompkins was asked if he had
hit any of the other children he confessed that he had once pulled the
3-year-old girl off the bed by her arm after he smelled poop from the
girls room and attempted to change her diaper.

Meanwhile, in a confession to the police, Mary told them that the
toddler was okay a day prior to his death and that there were no bruise
marks on him. She said that she had placed the boy under Thompkins care
and had gone out for an hour only to find the child unresponsive upon
her return.

[Image Via Pensacola Police Department]

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