5 Year old little girl blamed for rape; rapist claims child was ‘experimenting’

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Clifford Taylor is blaming the little girl he raped for his crime. Even after he was convicted, the 51 year old would not take responsibility for raping the child. According to Sunday, Nov. 23 report by The Spreadit, Clifford Taylor said the five year old took advantage of him when he was drunk.
Taylor was babysitting his girlfriend’s daughter when he raped the little girl. The little girl told her mother and Clifford Taylor was arrested. He was convicted on two counts of rape.
While on the witness stand, Clifford Taylor admitted to bribing the child with a Pudding Pop. He said that he would give her the treat, if she performed oral sex on him. His story changed, after he had been convicted.
After Taylor’s plea deal was accepted, he started blaming the little girl. He said that he drunk, He went on to say that the little girl put his penis in her mouth on her own, without any encouragement or bribery on his part. He claimed he was too drunk to understand what was going on. “She was experimenting,” he said.
Many people who were present in the courtroom could not believe what they were seeing. They couldn’t believe that Clifford Taylor was blaming the little girl he raped. Some of the people even left the court.
Clifford Taylor went as far as to blame his defense attorney. He said he was coerced into saying he bribed the little girl. He said he felt he had no choice because he was told he could be declared incompetent.
The judge in the case didn’t even consider Clifford Taylor’s motion to withdraw his plea. The judge said that Taylor showed no remorse. He was also not happy that the convicted child rapist blamed the five-year-old little girl.
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