Jared Fogle Sues Parents of Child Porn Victim


Subway pitchman and convicted pedophile Jared Fogle has filed a lawsuit
against the parents of one of one his victims, claiming they are at
least partly responsible for the girl’s emotional distress and
“destructive behavior.”

Fogle’s lawsuit, a copy of which was obtained by TMZ,
was filed against the parents of “Jane Doe”  — referred to only by the
initials “B.T.” and “J.T.” — who filed their own lawsuit against the
former Subway rep earlier this year.

In court documents, Fogle claimed it was the teenager’s parents —
specifically, their divorce — that was to blame for her indulgence in
drugs and alcohol and her reported contemplation of suicide.

“‘B.T. and J.T. maintained a hateful and abusive relationship toward
each other, which included, but was not limited to, engaging in frequent
fighting and arguing between themselves; abusing alcohol and getting
drunk; and engaging in frequent fighting, physical abuse, and arguing
with Jane Doe, which caused Jane Doe to suffer from emotional
distress, anxiety, and major depression before she learned of any
allegations [about Fogle and Taylor],’ the court papers allege,
according to a copy obtained by the Daily Mail.

The girl was a victim of Fogle’s child pornography scheme, for which he was arrested and convicted last year.

In October, Fogle pled guilty to
one count of distribution and receipt of child pornography and one
count of traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor. He
is currently serving a 15-year sentence in a federal prison.

Fogle’s business partner, Rusell Taylor, was convicted of producing child pornography and sentenced to 27 years in prison.

In all, fourteen victims have reportedly been identified as having been victimized by the pair, according to the Mail.

In March, Fogle was reportedly beaten and left bloodied by a fellow inmate in the recreation yard at the prison in which he is being held.

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