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“Spot The Rot”

It’s a Fact that Australia had over 600 homes throughout the country, how many are left standing today how many have been destroyed leaving nothing of their trace on the very sites which Forgotten Australians , Former Child Migrants and the Stolen Generation, over 500,000 children were placed in. These sites are of historical social significance its history and they should be preserved .
The Governments and Churches didn’t mine reserving the financial gain and rewards from the homes, it’s a very different matter now in preserving them.

What does HERITAGE Mean?

It means the evidence of the past, such as historical sites, buildings, and the unspoilt natural environment, considered collectively as the inheritance of present-day society.
Orphanages and Children’s Homes are the thing of the past in this country should defiantly come under that meaning .

The Ballarat District Orphan Asylum was established in Victoria Ballarat East at 200 Victoria Street in 1865. Later known as the Ballarat Orphanage from 1909 and then in 1968 as the Ballarat Children’s closing down in 1987.

The home buildings have come under the threat of becoming extinct, after 147 years.
Former resident’s submitted submissions to State Heritage of Victoria mid-2011, their finding were that the Orphanage site of its early 1900’s buildings had no value at state level in preserving the buildings. Former residents again appealed against their decision and further submissions were sent in to be heard at the Victorian Heritage Council hearing late last year, only to be let down once again they too voted Not to preserve any of the buildings for their protection.

At present the site is in the hands of the City of Ballarat local level and the developers of planning of the site, let’s hope the City of Ballarat Councillors will see the historical importance of Ballarat’s history of the home and the social value in retaining the 1929 Toddlers Block ( Kenny’s Block ) and the 1918 Orphanage Children’s Home Primary School there is no reason these buildings couldn’t be reused turning a building which would make an ideal museum.

Not preserving anything on the Former Ballarat Orphanage Children’s Home site is burying our history shows little respect to over 4000 children who once lived there, many children who didn’t survive . The Orphanage had over 100 lads who went to World War 1 and over 200 in World War 2 many lost their lives.

If anyone has concerns in the Demolition of the site then it’s not too late.
To Voice loud and clear let your messages be heard.
Battle to save Ballarat orphanage buildings heads to VCAT
FORMER Ballarat Orphanage Children’s Home former residents and the Ballarat City Council will head to VCAT to defend a decision to retain buildings on the Victoria Street site.

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