Worst ever’ serial rapist

Worst ever’ serial rapist ‘treated himself’ to sex attacks every birthday raping 90 women and girls

Perverted Valery Makarenkov, 69, confessed to raping 90 women and
underage girls but investigators believe his true tally is at least 108

Valery Makarenkov
Perverted Valery Makarenkov, 69, has been convicted of 31 violent sex attacks
A pensioner suspected of being Russia’s worst-ever serial rapist has been jailed for 18 years after he admitted he “treated himself to women on his birthday”.
Valery Makarenkov, 69, was convicted of 31 violent sex attacks but
police are investigating allegations of many dozens of further cases.
He has confessed to raping 90 women and underage girls but investigators believe his true tally is at least 108.
Wearing a black cap, he attacked his victims from behind after cycling up behind them and dragging them into bushes.
first attack was 43 years ago and Moscow detectives and criminologists
checked the details of 26,000 men before he was detained in May 2014 in
the city’s Kuzminki Park.

Valery Makarenkov
Makarenkov told police he liked to “treat” himself to sex attacks on his birthday

The evil attacker has been branded the “birthday sex maniac” and the “cycling rapist”.
admitted to police that he “treated himself to women on his birthday”
and snared victims while riding his Soviet-era Salut bicycle.
“I gave myself these girls as a birthday gift”, he was reported to have said.
also stole items from his victims which he kept as souvenirs at his
cramped flat – examples included a child’s badge, toys, a doll and a tin
of peas.
His youngest victim was believed to have been aged ten.
Now divorced, he told police his first rape was a teenage girl in 1973 after his wife refused to have sex following childbirth.
Working as a part-time taxi driver, he claimed he was twice “drugged” by women .

Kremlin Building, Red Square in Moscow
He attacked the women in Moscow

These incidents led to a “grudge against all women”.
was sentenced to 18 years in prison in a maximum security penal colony
but police continue to probe his alleged crimes, including fears that he
murdered at least three times.
“The investigation of other
crimes – attacks on woman, violent assaults and murders – is on-going
and Makarenkov will be checked for involvement,” said a statement from
Russia’s Investigative Committee, equivalent of the FBI.
night or in early morning he followed his victims on his bike in
backyards and parks, attacked from behind, strangled them but not to
death, then raped and stole valuable belongings.
“Usually his attacks took place from May to October when it was possible to go around on a bike.
“For a long time Makarenkov managed to hide well from police because he acted in different districts of Moscow. “
He “almost never committed two crimes in one area.
“About 20,000 Muscovites were checked in connection to Makarenkov’s crimes before he was caught.”
A source added: “In Makarenkov’s case there were several factors: hyper-sexuality, along with love of risk and danger.
“He was often stopped for dangerous and drunk driving. He enjoyed being a hunter.

“He had to trace his victim, to follow her, to catch.
“All this gave him excitement he needed, thrilled him, it was adrenaline.
“This is what all maniacs go hunting for. And the moment of the sexual act is their prize.”
Victim Maria, in her 30s, was attacked by the serial rapist in June 2013 as she walked home from work.
Bravely, she returned to the scene of her rape to highlight the terror she felt for an NTV report.
“Suddenly I spotted a man behind my back, he was with a bike,” she said.
“I didn’t pay any attention to him. I kept walking and sending a text.
“One minute later, I turned around and saw him right next to me and without his bike.

“Next moment he attacked me and began to strangle me.
“I managed only a short crying sound before he squeezed my throat.
“I lost consciousness within two seconds.
“It was like he just switched me off.
“Then he dragged my body through those bushes.”
She said: “I woke up all covered in mud, I had just one shoe on.
“I tried to understand what happened; honestly I did not realise I was completely naked.
“I felt as if I was frozen. I understood that I had survived by a miracle.”
Maria saw his face, including his eyes, and gave crucial evidence to police in drawing up an identikit picture.

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