World’s End trial: Angus Sinclair ‘didn’t care’ about victims

angus Sinclair Angus Sinclair denies killing the teenagers

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The man accused of the World’s End murders has told a court he did “not really” care about the victims when he had sex with them the night they died.

Angus Sinclair said he and his brother-in-law Gordon Hamilton had offered Helen Scott and Christine Eadie a lift home after a night out in Edinburgh.

But instead, he drove to a dark spot in nearby Holyrood Park because he said he wanted to “chance his arm” with them.

Mr Sinclair denies raping and murdering the teenage girls 37 years ago.

The 69-year-old accepted sex was on his mind that night in October 1977, but conceded it was not on the minds of the girls.

He said he had had one drink at the pub and the girls, both 17, were not sober.

Mr Sinclair told the High Court in Livingston that he had sex with Christine Eadie while Mr Hamilton had sex with Helen Scott, both in the back of his van, before swapping partners because it “seemed the right thing to do”.

Christine Eadie and Helen Scott Christine Eadie and her friend Helen Scott were killed in October 1977

Asked by the Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland QC, prosecuting, how the men had managed to persuade the girls to have “consensual group sex” after a conversation in the pub lasting around five minutes, Mr Sinclair said: “I don’t know.”

Mr Mulholland then asked whether the girls had just been “something for you to use”. He replied: “Yes.”

Mr Sinclair claims he later drove the girls to East Lothian where he went fishing while Mr Hamilton drove away with them, apparently to take them home.

He said he only realised Mr Hamilton must have murdered them when he read about the crime in a newspaper the following Tuesday.

He told the court he had confronted Mr Hamilton about the murders on a fishing trip later that week, but admitted he had been more concerned about Mr Hamilton driving his van again than about what his brother-in-law had done.

Helen Scott’s father Morain watched from the front of the public gallery as Mr Sinclair gave his evidence.

The cross-examination was suspended for the day after the accused yawned repeatedly in the witness box.
Heart condition
Defence advocate, Ian Duguid QC, said his client was on medication for a heart condition which made him tired.

The accused had described how the back seat in the caravanette folded down into a double bed.

He said that he had sex with Christine Eadie and that she had not objected at all.

The court heard he assumed his brother-in-law on the bed next to him was having sex with Helen Scott.

Mr Sinclair said they then swapped partners and he had sex with Helen Scott who had put her coat back on.

According to the accused, she told him she was a virgin. He said she did not show any unwillingness.

Mr Sinclair said afterwards he drove the van so he could continue fishing at the spot near Cockenzie where he had been before, although he didn’t know exactly where that was.

angus Sinclair Angus Sinclair, pictured in 1977, denies killing the teenagers

His brother-in-law and the girls were still in the back of the van, according to Mr Sinclair.

The jury heard he got his fishing gear out when they stopped and the girls got dressed again.

Mr Sinclair said Mr Hamilton then drove the girls home and came back to join him fishing.

He said he never went fishing again with Gordon Hamilton, that they fell out and although Gordon Hamilton died in 1996 he only learned about it in 2004.

Mr Sinclair accepted some parts of his account of what happened appear ridiculous.

The accused denied having anal sex with Christine Eadie and said he could not explain DNA evidence suggesting he had done.
‘Gagged and bound’
He said he could also not explain injuries consistent with rape.

His denial of having anal sex contradicts his own special defence.

Mr Sinclair is alleged to have gagged the girls, bound their wrists and tied a ligature around their necks.

He denies inflicting blunt force injuries on Ms Eadie by repeatedly punching and kicking her on the body and biting her.

He also denies forcing Ms Scott to walk barefoot into a field, ripping the strap from her handbag, repeatedly punching and kicking her on the head and body and stamping on her head.

And he denies stealing clothing, footwear, jewellery and other personal effects from the teenagers in an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

The trial continues.

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