Aberdeen Sheriff Court Friday 9th May

Robert phoned this morning to say that the case could be heard in closed court like last time and he hasn’t been given a time so he says please don’t anyone bother to come along unless you are in the immediate vicinity of Aberdeen and have nothing more urgent to do.
Having checked the listing for tomorrow, Robert’s case is one of some 20+ in Court 1 which sounds like a day of hanging around…
As has happened many times before in this whole highly peculiar saga, we now enter the realms of speculation as to what if anything could possibly be decided in Court 1 tomorrow?
According to Robert himself who’s just been on the line again tomorrow’s hearing could just be to fix a date for the trial which has now been commuted to a ‘Summary’ procedure or at the very least to extend the period on remand. Therefore, he’s assuming that having been got up at 7.00 am in order to be wheeled off to Aberdeen he might simply find himself deposited back in HMP Perth 12 hours later…
However, he’s been told to pack all his things up and take them with him and has already been ‘ticked’ out of the prison, and he’s even been told he won’t be transferred to Peterhead, so in the best-case scenario might he even be about to be released?!
Well at this stage I personally will only believe that reason, justice as well as humanity (re. Robert’s health issues) can prevail in Scotland when I see that actually happening and the next phone-call from Robert comes from Warrington rather than Perth.

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  1. Sending as much Positive Energy as I can Muster to Robert right now and will keep him in my Positive Thoughts and Actions All Day Tomorrow …

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