Lord Advocate “not involved, no connection, unaware” in decision not to prosecute paedophile ring 10 years ago

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Not me your honour!
The Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini was not involved in the decision not to raise prosecution proceedings against an alleged paedophile ring whilst she was Regional Procurator Fiscal for Grampian, Highland and Islands almost 10 years ago.
The Lord Advocate’s representative told The Firm that she had no connection with the decision, was not involved in the decision and was unaware of the circumstances of the case.
When she took up her new position she was immediately involved in the Chokhar inquiry, which meant that she was engaged for a substantial period of time outwith her jurisdiction.
They added that a report involving an allegation against a Sheriff would have been reported to law officers in the Crown Office.
The Firm’s editor Steven Raeburn said:. “The firm never believed that the Lord Advocate acted in any way improperly in this matter, which is of significant public interest and was reported by us in good faith
“However, there were details relating to the timeline of the decision not to prosecute the alleged abusers that were unclear, which we believed required explanation that was not immediately forthcoming from the Crown Office.
“We have now been furnished with that information and accept unreservedly that she had no involvement with this matter – and apologise if she believed we were suggesting otherwise.”
Grampian Police enquires into the case are on-going. The victim Hollie Greig, who suffers from Down’s Syndrome recently received £13,500 from the criminal injuries compensation scheme. She has named a serving sheriff, amongst others, who she claimed abused her as part of a peadophile ring.

– See more at: http://holliegreig.info/2009/11/lord-advocate-%e2%80%9cnot-involved-no-connection-unaware%e2%80%9d-in-decision-not-to-prosecute-paedophile-ring-10-years-ago/#sthash.TjQScnd3.dpuf

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