WILDCAT Who should be policing who? Can Police Scotland be anymore corrupt?

Who should be policing who? Can Police Scotland be anymore corrupt?




STOLEN: FOUR SCOTTISH CHILDREN. Docherty Interview, Transcript & PDF File

ScotCops Spying

  1. PHIL GORMLEY. Scotland’s Latest TOTALLY CORRUPT Police Chief 05.01.16
  2. Crown
    Office refuses to investigate Police Scotland after spy scandal reveals
    cops hunted journalist’s sources instead of Emma Caldwell killer
  3. Spy Scandal Controversial Police Scotland internal affair unit CCU to be shut down 21.03.16
  4. Police Scotland deputy chief constable Neil Richardson to step down 16.03.16
  5. Police Scotland’s ‘standards chief’ caught up in ‘sex spy’ unit row 14.03.16
  6. Illegal Police Scotland spying linked with the murder of sex worker Emma Caldwell 14.03.16
  7. New Plan Announced for Police Scotland Call Centre Closures 25.01.16

ScotCops, Children & Paedophilia

STOLEN: FOUR SCOTTISH CHILDREN. Docherty Interview, Transcript & PDF File

  2. Police Scotland Stopped & Searched THOUSANDS of Children 05.01.16
  3. Police Reveal 26 MAJOR #CSA Operations Under Way In #Scotland 17.04.16
  4. Police #Scotland find 30 million images of child abuse in major anti-paedophile operation 29.07.16
  5. One paedophile arrested every day in #Scotland: Shock stats show 2000 arrests for exploitation of kids in 3 years 09.07.16
  6. 37 famous Scots among child abuse suspects. WHERE ARE THE ARRESTS?
  7. Scotland:-  Where The Nonces Roam Free
  8. Moira Anderson, Gallogley, Gartshore, Willie McRae & The Untouchables
  9. Scottish Paedophilia: Institutions, Children’s Homes, Schools & Paedo Rings

ScotCops & Sheku

  1. ScotCops & Sheku’s Murder: 1 year on, Scotland hasn’t forgotten 05.01.16
  2. ScotCops STILL Gettin Away Wi Murder: 13months & STILL NO CAUSE OF DEATH 12.06.16
  3. Police Scotland: Getting Away With MURDER  23/06/2016

Other ScotCops Stuff!

  2. Lamara Bell & John Yuill: Law Chief states it’s “INCONCEIVABLE” for no FAI #M9Crash
  3. The Mysterious Murder Of Alistair Wilson The Nairn Banker
  4. BibleJohn is ALIVE, Living in the Highlands & is an ex-copper, states ex-copper!
  5. Nicola Sturgeon loans press chief to Police Scotland
  6. Number of #Police Officers in #Scotland falls. #ScotCops 03.08.16
  7. WTF are #ScotCops up to this week? There doesn’t appear to be very much policing going on 18.08.16
  8. HIGHLAND MAN MURDERED & Police Scotland do LESS THAN NOTHING 25.01.16
  9. Inverness Gets New TopCop & He’s Psychic / Psycho (delete as required)
  10. Where Are Our Bairns? Scotland’s Missing Kids
  11. What is Scotland’s Problem?

From The Ferret blog

  1. Spy cops assured immunity at Pitchford Inquiry
  2. Spy cop seeks immunity from misconduct proceedings
  3. Named: Scots police chiefs linked to disgraced ‘Spycops’ unit
  4. Secret police files detail spying on political activists
  5. LinkedIn profile reveals Angus salesman ran secret police unit
  6. Police Scotland self-regulation on biometric data ‘must end’
  7. Police Scotland to dump millions of ANPR records over privacy fears
  8. Scottish Government urged to obtain fake names of spy cops
  9. Scots police had access to GCHQ spy programme
  10. Police criticised for refusing to say how many children detained
  11. Scottish councils still ‘misusing’ surveillance powers
  12. Body cameras may break law, say police
  13. Exclusive: secret police report reveals CCTV in crisis
  14. Buccleuch accused of failing to protect people from toxic ponds
  15. Revealed: Scottish links to neo-Nazi riot
  16. Scots counter terrorism chief oversaw Met Police unit under investigation
  17. Police division in Sheku Bayoh case faced assault allegations nearly every two weeks
  18. Police in death probe criticised for delay in revising rules for use of CS gas

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