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Police Scotland consults with the public every year
on what their priorities are for policing in their community.

In the past this has always been by hard copy
consultation questionnaires which were distributed by police officers
within the community they work.

This year Police Scotland’s consultation process is
widening and becoming more flexible. The consultation process is moving
online to a digital format and consultation will be open all year.

Your View Counts

The public consultation is for you to tell us what
is important to you in your community. Your opinion is valued – we need
your opinion to inform our policing. Having your say in the decision
making process of Police Scotland is a vital tool for residents of
Scotland to be able to shape the way their public services should

Everyone’s views across Scotland will be taken on
board at a national and local level. We want you to help us focus on
the priorities that will help communities most. There is no ‘one size
fits all’ approach to local policing and all the needs and wants of
individual communities will be considered.

This is the first time Police Scotland’s public
consultation is being hosted on a digital platform. This allows us to
reach a much wider audience than ever before ensuring that everyone can
have their say. 

The online consultation is open all year which
allows you to take part when it suits you but also gives the flexibility
of being able to re-submit the consultation if your priorities change.

It’s a very simple process that should only take a
few moments of your time but will shape the way that policing is
coordinated across Scotland and in your local community.

We will keep you updated on our 
results. The consultation will be a completely transparent process as it’s all about your priorities.

You can view a version of the survey in Polish by clicking on the below link. You can also visit a version of this page in Polish.

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