The #SNP’s National Survey: YET ANOTHER attempt at data gathering. #SnooperTroopers

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You can find the SNP’s so called survey HERE

Extracts from SNP cleared of breaking electoral law after Tory challenge

The elections watchdog has dismissed
opposition claims that the new independence initiative drive launched by
Nicola Sturgeon today breaks campaign law. The Tories had called on the
Electoral Commission to investigate concerns that voters may be duped
into thinking it is an official Scottish Government survey, instead of
an SNP initiative.

“The law states that
only election material that seeks to promote a political party or
category of candidates at relevant elections is legally required to have
an ‘imprint’,” 
a spokeswoman for the commission said.

They say the SNP’s ‘National Survey’
collects personal data for the SNP – but has no SNP logos, and uses a
design and colour scheme that look like official Scottish Government

Tory chief whip John Lamont had called for the Electoral Commission to look into the issue.
“This is shameless from the SNP – trying to dress up their party political stunt as official business,” he said. Read in full SCOTSMAN

Below is screenshot, taken at 6.35pm  02.09.16


The SNP are REALLY getting on my last nerve. YET AGAIN they have made me agree wi a Tory!


& the fact they are making Tories sound reasonable, SAYS IT ALL about the SNP!

Their survey STINKS o data gathering & note there is no info sharing opt out box you can tick (totally deliberate)

You have to go outta your way
& contact them if you want to opt out & most people won’t go
to the bother. Which is EXACTLY what the SNP are relying upon.


 It reminds me o the Police Scotland “survey” we had a couple o weeks ago…

I didn’t like their’s & I don’t like the SNP’s!

Extract from Jiggery-pokery of the highest order – the SNP’s ‘National Survey’

a summer initiative
targeting No voters across the country in a major drive to put the case
for Scottish independence to the electorate [to] assess the merits and
shortcomings of the 2014 independence campaign as well as come up with
cogent responses to questions on issues such as what currency an
independent Scotland would use, its membership of the European Union and
its economy

As most people know, the exercise did
not happen over summer, knocked off course initially by putative
initiative-leader Stewart Hosie’s marital problems and then by all the
post-Brexit decision scurrying around. It’s been launched, at last, by
the first minister today. The language surrounding it seems to have
evolved. For a while it was a national ‘conversation’ and the BBC still call it that on their web site. Meantime, over on the SNP
web site Nicola Sturgeon’s calling it a ‘listening exercise.’ But the
claims have been rejected by commission chiefs who say that the party
affiliation is not necessary as the materials are not seeking to promote
the SNP.

Read in full HERE

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