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Can everyone please stop!!! How much more should be said

If you think this is a shocker! Best start opening those eye’s!! After all these are children and their lives matter!! Read it! Retweet share and take it in ……

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8:24 PM · Oct 24, 2019Twitter for Android

Sex crimes against children at all-time high amid ‘crisis’

NSPCC Scotland found there were 5325 recorded offences in Scotland in 2018-19.
Sexual offences are committed against children 15 times every day in Scotland, according to new research.
NSPCC Scotland found there were 5325 recorded offences including rape, grooming and sexual assault against children in 2018-19.
The UK-wide figure is 76,204 – equating to one offence every seven minutes.
It comes two years after research by the charity suggested access to recovery services was “patchy and fragmented” despite a greater spotlight with more high-profile cases reaching courts.
Matt Forde, head of NSPCC Scotland, has called on the support system to be improved to deal with the “nationwide crisis”.
He said: “Record numbers of child sexual offences means we are facing a nationwide crisis in the help available for tens of thousands of children.
“These children are bravely disclosing what happened to them but in too many cases there is not enough timely, joined up and child-friendly support.
“Instead they are shunted from overstretched service to service.
“We need a radical rethink in the way we help these young people, otherwise they could struggle for the rest of their lives with long-term, deep-seated trauma.”
A Scottish Government spokesman said: “Child sexual exploitation is an abhorrent crime which has a devastating impact on victims.
“Working closely with a range of organisations, we have taken steps, including through our national action plan, to prevent and strengthen our response.
“Initiatives include the development of Scottish standards for the Barnahus concept which will form a framework for a child-centred approach to delivering justice, care and recovery for children who have experienced trauma.
“We are driving forward improvements in services for adults and children who have experienced rape and sexual assault.
“The Chief Medical Officer leads a multi-agency taskforce which provides national leadership for the improvement of healthcare and forensic medical examination services.
“As part of this, an expert group has been established specifically to focus on service improvements for children and young people.
“A national clinical pathway for children and young people, which sets out the care and treatment they should receive if they have experienced sexual abuse, has been consulted on and will be published in the spring.
“We will also be making it easier for vulnerable witnesses to give evidence in criminal trials by increasing the use of pre-recorded evidence in advance of trial.”

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  1. Why do most think it is acceptable to do and say nothing!! If not for there own not at all kind of thing!!! I have to watch the knock on effect of these beasts every day!! No matter what I will Always protect any child…. we are all doing something if even speaking about child abuse and not allow the stigma to be around x

  2. Oh and the rest of these all of a sudden realisation of Crisis and support needs put in place!! You know what those words make me angry! Words are not helping no one!! Who has the guts to actually say that now!! Support never been there nor will it be if the police are lying the same way a snowball works and they have not noticed the kids once ,this is a adult world and they deserve to be children and safe

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