WILDCAT James Rennie, Jim Torbett, Tom Watson, Fairbridge & Youthlink

James Rennie, Jim Torbett, Tom Watson, Fairbridge & Youthlink

I have already shown a MAJOR link between the Rennie / Strachan paedo ring, Celtic & Martin Henry (the head of the footie inquiry)
Well, here is ANOTHER link!! Through the company FAIRBRIDGE (& there is more here)
There is a section at the bottom of the blog that explains how all the Fairbridges are the SAME COMPANY that have just had slightly different names. (Fairbridge Drake, Fairbridge in Scotland Fairbridge society etc)
It also shows some of the “antics” McCafferty got up to whilst TORBETT was MANAGING DIRECTOR of the Scottish Fairbridge called Fairbridge in Scotland
I then I discovered in this article that a Mr Tom Watson was a Director of Fairbridge in Scotland…
By this point I have alarm bells ringing ALL OVER THE SHOP!! So, I started digging deeper!  Mr Watson indeed does have A LOT of fingers in A LOT of pies.. & every single one, is in relation to “disadvantaged” & disabled Scottish kids…
Fairbridge in Scotland companies house     http://archive.li/Cj1nn
On page 2 you can clearly see BIG FAT FOOTIE PAEDO TORBETT right next to Mr Watson, (although obviously they weren’t directors at the same time) And page one has some absolute beauties listed too!
My favourite is Sir Willy McAlpine.. The McAlpines are just renowned for their love of “helping” children!! But you can see by the wiki pish, that his wee brother Ali never admitted being a paedo! & I’m sure you can imagine my total surprise when I wiki-d Willy only to discover that he had oh-so-conveniently upped & popped his clogs less than a month ago…  (4th March 2018)
But even before I discovered all that, I had already decided that this all STINKS OF PAEDO.
It was the second I saw the word YOUTHLINK. So I checked youthlink on companies house, & right enough there he was! Mr Watson, Page 4
You see, I’ve seen that name before & it was while I was researching of of my recent blogs about the link between Martin Henry (head of the footie inquiry) James Rennie & Celtic Paedo!!
Cause James Rennie, wasn’t just busy being an LGBT director & being a VILE paedo bastard from WITHIN the LGBT office he was sharing with Martin Henry… He was in fact a very busy wee paedo, cause at the same time, HE WAS ALSO A DIRECTOR OF YOUTHLINK  James Rennie Companies House   http://archive.li/byEzP
So, Mr Watson has been in two different kids “charities” alongside three BIG TIME, known paedophiles..  James Rennie & James Torbett & Jim McCafferty. All who we know were using charities as cover for paedo shite & to get access to kids.
Scarier still is the fact Fairbridge Scotland is linked to youthlink, and therefore several other Scottish Kids Charities, including Venture Trust who Mr Watson is also a Director of Thomas Watson Companies House   http://archive.li/2r7kJ
Venture Trust OSCR      Venture Trust website
Thomas Andrew Bow Watson
Address – Ceomara, Badachro, Gairloch, Ross-Shire, United Kingdom, IV21 2AB
LinkedIn https://uk.linkedin.com/in/tom-watson-6698635a
Watson also owns Sail Badachro yacht charter company & CeoMara Self Catering Cottages both based in Badachro in the north west Scottish Highlands.
Watson is in business with Ian McWhinney who owns Dry Island (map)
McWhinney has a fair bit of media coverage!! From first babies to shellfish!

McCafferty was employed by the Drake Fellowship – which went on to become Fairbridge Drake – where he took homeless boys on overnight trips.
Torbett, who was later convicted of abusing three boys at Celtic Boys Club, was the managing director of the charity, which eventually became Fairbridge in Scotland
McCafferty used a Drake Fellowship (sighthill) minibus to take two or three kids at a time on overnight stays to London.
Dad-of-two Iain, 57, said he met McCafferty in 1984 while he was working at Salvation Army’s Raisdale hostel in Barrhead, near Glasgow. The hostel housed homeless teens aged 15-18.
McCafferty is believed to have been working for Drake Fellowship at the time.
Iain said: “The group concentrated on yacht trips. We would send the kids down near London with McCafferty. They would do team-building training and outdoor activities, things like that. We ran a hostel-type situation for school leavers, aged about 16. Because they were school leavers, there weren’t the same restrictions as in a children’s home. The kids had freedom of movement. We would take them along to their courses and pick them up later on. They would go away for the weekend with the Drake Fellowship. McCafferty had a lot of contact with the kids then. After what he has admitted, this period should be investigated.”
The Record’s original whistleblower on McCafferty – who we have not named – told how he was abused in a van used by McCafferty for Drake Fellowship activities. The vehicle was also used by McCafferty to take kids on their trips to London. The Drake Fellowship merged with the Fairbridge Society to become Fairbridge Drake in 1987. The organisation worked with vulnerable young people to help them into education and training.
They became Fairbridge, named Fairbridge In Scotland north of the border, in 1992, Celtic Boys Club coach Jim Torbett was named as managing director in company accounts that year. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/pervert-coach-kitman-jim-mccafferty-9420855

FAIRBRIDGE  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairbridge_(charity)
UK charity that supports young people aged 13–25, that has existed since 1987. Each year it supports around 3,700 disengaged young people who are either not in education, employment or training – or at risk of becoming so – at one of its fifteen centres on the country.
In January 2011 it was announced that Fairbridge will become part of The Prince’s Trust. result of the merging of two organisations, the Drake Fellowship and the Fairbridge Society.
The Fairbridge Society was established in 1909 by Kingsley Fairbridge. Moved by the levels of deprivation he saw in inner city areas of England, he established a charity to offer opportunities and education abroad to young people from broken homes. Currently (2017) The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA ), in full public hearings, is investigating the sexual abuse of children who were removed from British institutions and families between 1947 and the 70s, and taken to Australia and Canada by various charities and churches, including the Fairbridge Society.
Operation Drake was launched in 1978 at the suggestion of HRH The Prince of Wales. It was a two-year, round-the-world venture in which 400 young people from 27 nations worked with scientists and servicemen on projects in 16 countries. John Mogg (British Army officer) (also known as Sir Herbert John Mogg) was a Chairman of the Operation Drake Fellowship. In 1987, the Drake Fellowship merged with the Fairbridge Society to become Fairbridge Drake, and in 1992 the name was changed to Fairbridge.
Fairbridge’s patron was Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy, its President was Damon Buffini and Vice-Presidents were Lady Dodds-Parker and Sir William McAlpine. In April 2011, Fairbridge will merge with The Prince’s Trust. The united organisation, will be called The Prince’s Trust.  16 centres. The charity operates from team centres in Bristol,  Southampton, Hackney in East London and Kennington in South London, Chatham, Kent
(based out of Offices within the Historic Chatham Dockyard), Birmingham, Liverpool, Salford in Greater Manchester and Bury in North Manchester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle-uponTyne Cardiff, Swansea,  Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow

UK child deportations of 50s: ‘most catastrophic child abuse’ in memory
“The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA ), in full public hearings, is investigating the sexual abuse of children who were removed from British institutions and families between 1947 and the 70s, and taken to Australia and Canada by various charities and churches, including Barnardos, the Fairbridge Society, and the Sisters of Nazareth. The children, once abroad, were kept in farm schools, where they suffered brutality and sexual abuse, were used as slave labour and deprived of a proper education.”  https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/mar/09/uk-child-deportations-of-50s-most-catastrophic-child-abuse-in-memory


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