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Tennis Champ Rosie Sterk

Teenage tennis talent Rosie Sterk believes the sky is the limit
It would be onehellava HUGE ‘coincidence’ if Rosie made it big in world tennis!!
Rosie is from Bridge of Allan which is only 3 miles from Dunblane, 3 miles from Stirling & 6 miles from Alva (map)
Bridge of Allan is also the birthplace of the infamous CIA, MK Ultra ‘brainwasher’ Dr Ewen Cameron.
Stirling has a University which I call ‘Spook School’ obviously because it is full of Spooks!! (MI5/6)
Alva has a MAJOR issue with murdered children, prostitutes & terrorists! (we know all terrorists are linked to MI6 or CIA)
It is widely known that there is a massive paedo ring in the area that has been running for decades.
There are many examples of the paedo ring being current, here are a few (1)  (2)  (3)  (4)

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