Why does Rickys satanic tribe deny Ted Heath satanic credentials

NewsTed Heath ‘stopped cottaging for gay sex to protect his career’, says Tory MP

Tuesday 24 April 2007 15:22

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The Evening Standard

Former Conservative Prime Minister Ted Heath has been outed as gay ( )}}}}

For he was warned in the 1950s that cruising for homosexual encounters could destroy his political career.

Sir Edward, a lifelong bachelor who died in 2005, always refused to comment on his sexuality.

But Brian Coleman, a senior Tory member of the London Assembly, has claimed the ex-Prime Minister had actively sought gay sex in public places.


He said it was ‘common knowledge’ among Conservatives that Sir Edward had been given a stern warning by police when he underwent background checks for the for the post of Privy Councillor.

In an internet article for the New Stateman magazine, Mr Coleman claimed that gay men had run the Conservative Party in the capital for years, whether as officials, councillors or volunteers.

He wrote that Britain ‘had managed for decades with gay men holding a significant number of public offices’.

Mr Coleman, who is gay himself, added: ‘The late Ted Heath managed to obtain the highest office of state after he was supposedly advised to cease his cottaging activities in the Fifties when he became a Privy Councillor.’


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