“A few years ago a paedophile lawyer called Julian Danskin of the law firm SMITH and GRANT of Leven received a paltry nine months jail for the serial sexual abuse of young boys in his care.  One of his hapless victims committed suicide shortly after being abused by Danskin while the others continue to serve life sentences.  Contrast the nine months that Danskin got with the TEN years that two people got for blackmailing Danskin!  Blackmail is not in the same league as Paedophilia in the crime stakes.  This another example of a lawyer getting off far too lightly while the non lawyers  who blackmailed him got prison sentences thirteen times longer??  We are quite sure that if Danskin’s blackmailers had been lawyers no action would have been taken against them by Lord Advocate Angiolini.”
Remember Sheriffs Lothian and Neilson?  They were serial frequenters of brothels.  No charges of unbecoming behaviour were ever brought against them with the result that they are still fully funded by the long-suffering taxpayer.  Sheriff Lothian in particular was a dangerous sex pervert who should have been jailed years ago.
In 2001 Sheriff Buchanan let a twenty-two year old man who had admitted raping a ten year old girl walk free??  Naturally there was an outcry from the girl’s family and the public in general.  PF Angiolini got the blame for this release and was forced to issue an apology stating, by way of excuse, that it was a mistake.  Mistake, be damned.  And how come Sheriff Buchanan simply let him walk free??
In 2009, Lord Advocate Angiolini dropped charges against the Legal Aid Board Chief Solicitor Douglas Haggarty after he was arrested in the Public Toilets at the St Enoch Centre, Glasgow for indecency with a rent boy in exchange for a “direct measure”.  This allowed the Law Society of Scotland to “punish” him.  This usually results in a paltry fine with no criminal record.  Haggarty has now acquired the rather unattractive sobriquet of “The Beast of St Enoch’s”.  What a foul person to be advising the Scottish Legal Aid Board on Claims for Legal Aid, particularly in cases involving rapists and paedophiles.
Lord Advocate Angiolini also dropped the case against Senior Procurator-Fiscal of Glasgow, Stuart McFarlane (one of her minions) who had been charged with indecency with a prostitute in a public place and assaulting the Police when caught in the act.  This time Lord Advocate Angiolini’s excuse was that McFarlane suffered from mental illness.  So how come such a mentally ill person was made Senior Procurator-Fiscal of Glasgow in the first place?
In January 2007 paedophile lawyer Ian Donnelly of the Glasgow Law firm Lloyd Green was found guilty of trying to procure a child “who had to be under 11 years old” for sex, and of having 320 indecent images of young girls between 7 and 15 years old on his computer.  To make matters worse, Donnelly was a Personal Injury lawyer!  He certainly didn’t give a damn about the personal injury he would have inflicted on an under 11 year-old had he been successful in procuring one.  Donnelly was not struck off by the Law Society of Scotland, as one would expect.   Of course, the Law Society is his Trade Union, Licenser, and therefore Protector.  All he got was 180 hours of community service, a sentence that no nonlawyer would ever have got for such crimes.  Lord Advocate Angiolini was also blamed for this lenient sentence because of her delay in supplying reports on him.  It appears that she uses this tactic in an attempt to mitigate the punishment to her co-lawyers for their filthy behaviour.  Donnelly now walks the streets again posing a threat to young children, partially thanks to Lord Advocate Angiolini.”

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