Who is Kelly Curtis of the BBC’s “inner circle?” Fraud,

Published on Aug 27, 2018

Who is Kelly Curtis of the BBC’s “inner circle?” Fraud, Theft, Money Laundering, Paedophilia Blackmail, Murder, Cultivation of Marijuana on Kent Farms Importation of hard drugs from Amsterdam into Kent and using the proceeds of crime to bribe Judges and officers with SUSSEX SURREY AND KENT POLICE and the REAL murderers of Dr David Kelly……(so you won’t have to wait 70 years) Two 20 Kiloton Battle Ready Gravity Drop Nuclear Bombs and the use of HOAXTED RESEARCH SATANISTS with their fake web-site and bunch of arse lickers to defame whistleblowers…the list is endless. However once you’ve seen how good ole Dixon of Dick Green would have handled things, follow the links and you won’t find it funny at all. Especially when you get vaporised in a huge mushroom cloud, after The Anglo/American Paedophile Elite using THE BBC and other MSM to blame the Russians and take us into WW3, oh and BTW just before this secret meeting, Ex Royal Air Force Whistleblower, myself and two victims delivered the forensic evidence to Fenchurch Street City of London Masonic Police, and unfortunately I recorded the whole lot on a hidden recorder. That recorder along with lap-tops, Camera’s and mobile phones were stolen from my house in a raid by DC Grimwood and crew of SURREY POLICE, and they will never, ever return it all. AND IF YOU STILL DON’T BELIEVE IT. How about three visits to the BBC on 1 March 2015, 1 March 2016, and my last visit when I met Ex UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom on 5 November 2017. Oy Vey! this sounds like something one would read in the National Enquirer… But alas, it is the deadly truth and to sum it all up, why not ask Ex Crime Stoppers Board member Mr Brian Setchfield who was director on the board with Lord Michael Ashcroft for 12 years… Now then now then now then…. What did Tarah Ahmed do with all that evidence (even although they were only copies of originals?) Nobody knows but she did visit me in my Flat at Dane Heights in Seaford East Sussex, in order to connect with Gordon Bowden and was last seen on Facebook…. May-be somebody should try and contact Tahra and ask her a few simple questions? Gordon Bowden On Bombs, ‘ Boiler Rooms’ & Paedophiles https://archive.org/details/GordonBow… Fraud Theft Paedophila & Money Laundering linked to David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony (Miranda) Blair and The BBC secret recording Fenchurch Street Police Station. Thet can’t say they haven’t been told. All roads lead to 788-790 Finchley Road https://www.mixcloud.com/johnpaterson… John Paterson Gordon Bowden Brian Setchfield BBC Part of 3 of 6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6drRw… John Paterson Exposing Zionist Controlled BBC Bias and EU Corruption 5 Nov 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FhMP… ALL HOAXTED TROLL COMMENTS WILL BE SAVED, TRACKED AND DEALT WITH BY THE USE OF A WOOD CHIPPER AND A FEW PIGS.


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