Convicted paedophile tells judge he knows the names of alleged Westminster child sex ring

A CONVICTED paedophile dramatically had his sentencing adjourned yesterday after he told a judge he “knows the names” of the alleged Westminster child sex ring.

Published: 00:00, Mon, July 21, 2014

Michael McAuliffe, Westminster child sex ring, Westminster paedophiles, paedophile, sex offender, politics, politiciansMichael McAuliffe claims that he has information regarding the alleged Westminster child sex ring [SWNS/GETTY]

Serial sex offender Michael McAuliffe, 50, threatened to shout out the names before being bundled back to his cell by prison guards.
Judge Peter Benson, sitting in Bradford Crown Court, West Yorks, had seconds earlier adjourned the case to give police six weeks to investigate the claims.
Judge Benson had earlier passed the defence and prosecution council a letter from McAuliffe’s solicitors before the case was heard and as the paedophile was being led into the dock from cells
He is deeply hostile towards the police
Prosecutor Michael Smith on Michael McAuliffe
His barrister James Bourne-Arton, after reading the letter, told the court: “He has a desire to provide relevant information into investigations into those which concern the 1970s in the Westminster area.
“He has details and information, and more, there are other instances of child abuse and a paedophile ring, which he is willing to provide information on.”
Mr Bourne-Arton admitted McAuliffe’s motivation for helping police is to do a deal and get a more lenient sentence.
The court heard that West Yorkshire Police would need a “scoping interview” for officers to assess the degree of usefulness to their inquiries.
McAuliffe had fled to London from West Yorkshire because he was a closely monitored sex offender in his home town of Haworth following a conviction for possessing child pornography.
But he was brought back to justice after being spotted by an eagle-eyed Bradford police officer who was enjoying a break in the capital.
McAuliffe was registered with West Yorkshire Police and legally bound to notify them of any change of address.
But he changed his name to Ashley Peters and went to the capital.
Det Sgt Christie was walking off her evening meal in Leicester Square when she saw a man handing out leaflets for a business.
When she took a second glance, she recognised the man as McAuliffe, who she knew had previously lived in London.
After his re-arrest, McAuliffe’s home was searched and the police unearthed a stash of 5,000 sickening photographs and movies of children, some at Level 5, the most serious.
McAuliffe pleaded guilty to 23 offences and was due to be sentenced yesterday until the dramatic revelation bought him more time.
They included failing to comply with the requirements of the sex offenders’ register by changing his name and address without permission in November last year.
He also pleaded guilty to 17 charges of making thousands of indecent photos and movies of children and four offences of distributing indecent photos of children.
Prosecutor Michael Smith, after conferring with Det Sgt Christie, told Judge Benson it would take about a month to interview and follow up on information McAuliffe might supply.
He said McAuliffe’s change of heart was at odds with his usual attitude towards the police.
“He is deeply hostile towards the police,” said Mr Smith, who added he was sceptical of what McAuliffe could tell police.
“He has said that the only good copper is a dead copper.
“He has only desired to assist the police one week before sentencing.
“It is of deep concern to the officers who have attended today.”
Judge Benson said: “I think if I adjourn sentencing it will allow officers to assess the validity of the offer.”
He said he shared the prosecution’s scepticism, but added: “If some good can come out of this we should offer them an opportunity to hear what he might be able to say.”
Turning to McAuliffe, Judge Benson said: “For the reasons which have been discussed I am going to adjourn sentencing upon you until the 1st September.”
At this point McAuliffe shouted from the dock: “The names I have got are….”
Judge Benson hurriedly interrupted him, so that no more was audible, and McAuliffe was quickly taken down.

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