Weinstein spied on 91 people to avoid accusations’

‘Weinstein spied on 91 people to avoid accusations’


Harvey Weinstein AFP

Film producer Harvey Weinstein had a secret list of 91 people he had shadowed to prevent them from coming out about his sexual excesses. The British newspaper The Guardian reports that the people on the list were being watched by a team of detectives and lawyers.

The document contains actors, writers, producers, donors and other figures from the film industry. Weinstein (65) noted their names because they knew something about his sexual harassment and abuse. The film producer compiled the list himself at the beginning of this year, a few months before the allegations against him came out.

The Weinstein team kept an eye on what people in the film industry knew about their sexual abuse and whether they intended to come out about it. Detectives gathered information about the persons on the list. The data were then passed on to lawyers of the film producer. The persons in question may have been offered a confidentiality agreement and settlement.

A part of the list that Weinstein kept THE GUARDIAN

The actresses who first opened a book in October about the misdeeds of Weinstein – Rose McGowan and Laura Madden – are also on the list. Madden was possibly approached in 2016 by detectives employed by Weinstein. In a note, the film producer calls her “very bitter”.

The names of McGowan and Madden are highlighted in red, to indicate that actions against them had a high priority. The document also mentions the name of Jodi Kantor, the journalist of The New York Times who recorded the stories of the actresses. This shows that Weinstein knew that an article was in the making.

Persona non grata

American media reported earlier that the film producer hired the security company Black Cube to put pressure on whistleblowers. At that company, former Israeli spies would work.

Incidentally, the film producer contradicts all accusations. He says that there has never been sex without mutual consent. Because of the allegations, the film producer is now persona non grata in Hollywood. The police in New York are looking for evidence against Weinstein.

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