Malcolm Webster drops appeal

By Ed Earl, 14 Mar 2014 12.33pm

A MAN who murdered his wife dropped his appeal in Edinburgh today.

Malcolm Webster had been due to appeal his 30-year sentence for killing his first wife Claire Morris and attempting to kill his second wife Felicity Drumm for the insurance money.
But QC Gary Allan, defending, said that Webster had instructed him not to put forward any argument at todays hearing at the Court of Appeal – because it might make it look as though he were guilty.
Lord Eassie sitting with Lady Clark and Lord Wheatley allowed Webster to drop his attempt to cut his sentence.
Mr Allan told the Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh: “Mr Webster has consistently and vehemently denied his guilt of the crimes of which the jury has convicted him.
“His position remains entirely unchanged. He maintains he did not commit the crimes and the verdicts of the jury represent a gross miscarriage of justice.”
The lawyer continued: “He has now instructed me that he considers that for me to advance any argument against his sentence might wrongly give the impression that he had changed his position and is now seeking simply to mitigate his guilt.”
Webster has already lost an appeal against conviction but could still try to persuade the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission – which looks at possible miscarriages of justice – to listen to him.

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