Was there a “magic circle” outside Scotland?

UK Child Abuse Inquiry

Monday, 10 November 2014

Was there a “magic circle” outside Scotland?

[The original version of this post “deleted itself”.]

In this short post I want to pose a potentially important question – Was there a “magic circle” outside Scotland?

The “magic circle” was an alleged group of legal figures in Scotland whose alleged actions were highly questionable.

Was there a “magic circle” in the legal profession outside Scotland?

There are allegations that the following legal figures were participant in “improper conduct with children”:

  • Leon Brittan (former Home Secretary)
  • Greville Janner (former Member of Parliament)

Further there are allegations that senior figures in the legal establishment were participant in covering up paedophilia:

  • Michael Havers (former Attorney General)
  • Thomas Hetherington (former Director of Public Prosecutions)
  • A senior member of the judiciary who is still alive

 None of these allegations has gone to court, so must, in some sense , be considered as unproven.

The allegations regarding the member of the judiciary are currently being assessed at Assistant Chief Constable level in the relevant Police force.

Was there a “magic circle” outside Scotland?

I don’t know but I know of nothing that leads me to exclude the possibility.

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