Wanless/Whittam ‘Interesting’ Search Terms.

Wanless/Whittam ‘Interesting’ Search Terms.

We’re free to publish anything that is published in a government report.
Here are the search terms that Richard Whittam and Peter Wanless used while trawling through the files.
Reproduced without prejudice. From Annex D

Peter Wanless/Richard Whittam QC Review
List of additional names/places for searches
Cyril Smith
Leon Brittan
Greville Janner
(Sir) Peter Morrison
(Sir) Peter Hayman
David Atkinson
George Thomas
Sir Nicholas Fairbairn
Peter Righton
Michael Hanson
Warren Middleton
Steven Adrian Smith
Tom O’Carroll
Charles Napier aka Roger Nash
Peter Bremner
David Joy
Charles Oxley

Elm Guest House
Dolphin Square
Knowl View School

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