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Was Peaches Geldof murdered?

Peaches Geldof This Morning
In their desperation to keep a lid on Britain’s dirty secrets, the filth who run this septic isle will stop at nothing to cover their tracks- and that includes murder.
Anyone with inside knowledge about VIP paedophiles rings is soon silenced if they dare to speak out.
Look what happened to Princess Diana and Jill Dando.
Did the same fate befall Peaches Geldof ?
In July 2014, we posted the following:
” Did Peaches Geldof really die of a heroin overdose, or was she murdered, like many before her, because she had knowledge of the powerful VIP paedophile ring linked to the BBC, Government and Royalty?
Are the filthy British Establishment willing to stop at nothing to cover their sordid secrets?
She had already tweeted the name of the mothers who helped depraved singer Ian Watkins abuse babies.
Ian Watkins Fearne CottonIan Watkins Filth
Ian Watkins was once the boyfriend of Fearne Cotton.
Fearne Cotton’s second-cousin was BBC executive, Bill Cotton.
BBC PaedosThe Real BBCFearne and Peaches
Did Peaches Geldof contact Fearne Cotton about what she knew?
Was her mother, Paula Yates, also murdered?
Most certainly, yes.
You see, her father, Hughie Green, was a BBC presenter for many years.
Hughie Green BBC and daughter Paula Yates
He must have known child-raping filth, Jimmy Savile.
Hughie Green was a great fan of Margaret Thatcher, who in turn was close chums with Savile.
thatcher and savile
There have been many strange and unexplained deaths of celebs linked to the BBC.
Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates died within 3 years of each other, in apparent drug-related suicides.
Michael Hutchene and Paula Yates
Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen died in mysterious circumstances in New York.
Natasha Collins and Mark Speight both met an untimely and suspicious end.
Jill Dando was shot point-blank in the head on her doorstep, in 1999.
Were these deaths to silence witnesses who may have had knowledge of the BBC paedophile-ring and to warn others to keep their mouths shut?
By a strange coincidence,  creepy coroner, Paul Knapman, was in charge of the inquests of Paula Yates, Natasha Collins and Mark Speight and many other high-profile deaths.
Paul KnapmanMark Speight suicide mystery
According to the Tap blog:
” On 22 November 1997, Hutchence was found dead in a hotel room in Sydney. Paula Yates wrote in her police statement that Michael Hutchence was “frightened and couldn’t stand a minute more without his baby”.
During their phone conversations on the morning of his suicide he had said, “I don’t know how I’ll live without Tiger”.
Yates also wrote that Bob Geldof had threatened them repeatedly with,
Don’t forget, I am above the law“.[
This was also the favourite saying of Jimmy Savile, whenever he was threatened with exposure.
Has Bob Geldof hoodwinked the British public, Savile-style, by pretending to be a charitable, caring, family-man?
Tony and BobBlair Savile
By a strange coincidence, Bob Geldof owned the Planet 24 TV company along with gay-lord Waheed Alli and his partner Charlie Parsons.
Waheed Alli appears to have a strange hold over Parliament and is seen as a powerful behind-the scenes “fixer”, along with his pal Peter Mandelson.
Does Alli have anything to tell us about the VIP paedophile ring linked to Parliament?
Waheed Ali wears fur
At the time of the murder Jill Dando, the Crimestoppers helpline number conveniently stopped working, just when crucial evidence could have been offered.
Nick Ross Jill Dando
The Crimestoppers organisation may well be a “front” organisation with sinister ulterior motives and is run by some very interesting names:
1) Nick Ross
The former colleague of murdered presenter Jill Dando. He recently said he’d watch child-porn given half the chance. His wife Sarah Caplin, is a cousin of Esther Rantzen and a founding director of Childline. Suspicions have been raised that Childline is also a “gatekeeping” front organisation which is used to gather data on any child abuse reports that may involve VIPs.
2) Michael Ashcroft
The controversial Tory donor who pays no tax and has non-dom status. He has been described as ruthless and “not a man to cross”. Made a Baron by the Queen.
3) Peter Imbert
A former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police who was in charge from 1987-1993 and may have a lot of information about why child- abuse claims made between these dates were ignored. Made a Baron by the Queen.
4) Lord Waheed Alli
The first openly gay peer in Parliament and a wealthy entrepreneur. Owns a business, Shine Entertainment, with Rupert Murdoch’s daughter Elisabeth. Is a close friend of Tony Blair. Made a Baron by the Queen.
5) Peter Clarke
A former Metropolitan Royal protection officer in charge of guarding Princess Diana at the time of her death. Made a CBE by the Queen.
6) Sir Ronnie Flanagan
A former Chief Inspector of Constabulary. Was previously in charge of policing in Northern Ireland and Iraq. May have a lot of information about why child-abuse rings have been covered up.
In March 2014, the Mail reported in the disturbing case of High-Court judge, Adrian Fulford, who was linked to the Paedophile Information Exchange Network.
Fulford and Pie and Qeenie
According to Companies House, Fulford is the director of a film company called Mole Films LLP. They were responsible for the TV children’s series, Secrets of Benjamin Bear.
The company is linked to Ingeneous Media, which helps wealthy individuals avoid tax by investing money in film projects.
By a strange twist, Bob Geldof is himself a director at Ingeneous Media.
Bob Geldof is also incredibly close to Tony Blair, who in turn is incredibly close to Margaret Hodge, MP.
Margaret Hodge has this week apologised for her failings during the Islington children’s home abuse scandal, which allowed thousands of boys to be raped by VIP filth.
Hodge filthy cow
Is Margaret Hodge really sorry or just sorry she got caught?
Despite this scandal leading to the tragic death of Jason Swift, Hodge was never investigated and was instead, quite unbelievably, given the job of Children’s Minster, by Tony Blair. ( Lord Waheed Alli lives in Islington).
Jason Swift
In a macabre twist of fate, her nephew Philip, was at the Warner resort in Praia de Luz when Madeleine McCann went missing.
Cliff Richard is also close to Tony Blair and may have lots to tell the police about child-abuse and the death of Jill Dando.
In a bizarre twist, Cliff also owns a home in Portugal, not far from where Madeleine McCann disappeared in 2007.
Gerry and Kate McCann were immediately given high-level support from the UK government and were assigned the help of Clarence Mitchell to act as their spokesperson.
Clarence Mitchell and McCanns
Mitchell was one of the first reporters at the scene of Jill Dando’s murder in Fulham and no doubt works for the UK Intelligence Services.
The McCann family are themselves from Leicester and Gerry has many friends in high places in the area.
Labour peer, Greville Janner, who has worked closely with Waheed Ali, was accused of buggering a boy in care but instead of being arrested and jailed he was given a knighthood by Tony Blair.
Greville Janner
In a macabre twist, we find that Janner nominated Bob Geldof for a Nobel Peace Prize in 1987, declaring:
Bob Geldof is important not only for what he has done but as a symbol of that which we should all be doing”.
How very, very strange indeed.”
The clock is ticking on Britain’s dirty secrets.
It’s only a matter of time.
The Real Truth

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13 thoughts on “Was Peaches Geldof murdered?

  1. David Icke – Two Hour Special Royal/Political Paedophilia How the Global Pieces Fit
    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9XzsKLnrAI?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent]
    Excellent interview… Tick tock…

  2. The mention of the Mc Scams in the above article reminded me, did anyone see the hour long programme about Maddy and other kids that went missing abroad? It was on between seven p.m. and eight p.m. last night, and to my mind was just another go at turning public opinion in their favour, well, it won’t wash! Poor Kate, she was ‘told’ by an ‘adviser’ not to show any emotion during interviews ‘because the kidnappers might get off on it’! It was Gerry’s idea to turn Maddie into a ‘business product’ to keep her in the public eye, as if?, it wasn’t for the hundreds of thousands of pounds they’ve amassed so far then?, no, not at all!

    • Another whitewash. They really think we’re stupid don’t they? WHEN is a real investigator going to ask them some REAL questions. The whole establishment pussy foots around them and you’ve really got to ask yourself WHY? This country stinks of corruption and the more the establishment tries to hide it the more we see it. As my favourite blogger writes, ” the clock is ticking…………….tick tock….”

    The ides of march is the few days either side of March 15, which as shakespeare noted was an unlucky time
    lwren scott was a perfectionist, everything had to be just so, she would plan something years in advance and yet we are told she on the spur of the moment killed herself by hanging, and without leaving a note ? she would leave her maid notes on everything but nothing as important as this ? and a tall thin woman 6 feet 3 inches tall would find this difficult, but we are told
    she knelt down on the floor and did it with the doorknob ?
    when you lose consciousness your bum goes back and you sit on your haunches with takes the weight so
    this is very doubtful
    why killers like to make things look like a hanging is because this covers the marks of a strangling
    statistically women use tablets they dont hang themselves
    This is being investigated by the New York police which in numerology the science used by illluminati
    is New 555 York 7692 Police 763935 or 666
    New york is the jewish capital of the USA , there is constant pressure from the jews to loan money to wealthy people
    in scotts case she died on St patricks day, a day when the outside noise would stifle any screams.
    So was she in debt to loan sharks ?
    Are the papers seriously saying that Mick Jagger was with her for over a decade, yet he did not know she was in debt ?
    he is said to be worth 350 million yet he did not help her out with what would have been chicken feed ?
    yet she left her entire estate of $9 million to mick jagger ?
    Before the tour, the group took out a $23.9 million policy to be paid in the event shows were cancelled due to the death of family members or others, including Scott.
    does this stink to anyone else ?

  4. ‘Do not despise the snake for having no horns, for who is to say it will not become a dragon! So may one just man be one an army….’…….. The dam is leaking and all the scum will drown for their misdeeds.

  5. Great article.
    Quotes attributed to Jimmy Savile probably seemed innocuous to many people when Savile uttered them. But with hindsight, we see that Savile quite often boasted about his true role. He got away with boasting because very few people expect a criminal to confess their crimes unprompted… and also because Savile pretended to speak in jest.
    Anyway, this brings me to my point. Coleman cites an interesting quote from Greville Janner, praising Bob Geldof. I think it could be one of those quotes, the true horror of which is concealed from anyone not prepared to read between the lines.:
    “Bob Geldof is important not only for what he has done but as a symbol of that which we should all be doing”.

  6. Bob Geldof has spent a fortune on heroin over the years and he introduced his first wife to it and it killed her
    But those at the BBC some years back have said a queer actor called Peter Wyngarde ‘petunia’ was constantly being arrested in public toilets for pestering men for favours, and the BBC covered it up, until the police got sick of it.
    peter was known to visit only two boys homes, one of which was said to be elm house.

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