1. Would Keith Vaz have been so overpromoted and protected if he’d been called Keith Smith?
  2. the creator of the keith vaz game breaks his silence:

  3. Keith Vaz – male prostitutes aside, who on earth puts whisky in the fridge?! That’s the real scandal

  4. Keith Vaz MP…’Working for the common good’…with poppers of course…🤔

  5. I’m right in saying Keith Vaz hasn’t done anything illegal, aren’t I?
  6. Keith Vaz MP refers claims he paid for services of male escorts to his solicitor, as Sunday Mirror stands by story
  7. is very uncomfortable with covering the Keith Vaz story. He’s one of theirs, you see, same set of values and recreational hobbies.
  8. Given Vaz‘s key role on crime, policing, drugs and Inquiries – this does seem slap bang in public interest

  9. John Whittingdale on saying it would be sensible for Keith Vaz to stand down over scandal. Words fail me.
  10. I’ve been saying this man is Keith Vaz for a while now. When will people listen?

  11. Keith Vaz resigns from home affairs select committee following male escort allegations

  12. So – is trending on Twitter because of a personal scandal. But here’s the real scandal

  13. Keith Vaz at Glastonbury.

    Vine by Limmy

    View on Vine

  14. “We need to get this party started”. ’s new campaign slogan.
  15. BREAKING Vaz Resigns as Chair of Home Affairs Select Committee
  16. Corrupt Keith Vaz offering to buy cocaine for a rent boy orgy is just the tip of a sordid iceberg.

  17. Disgraced Keith Vaz MP has stepped down from chairing . But claims he had been the victim of a sting operation.
  18. I sense a lot more to come from the Keith Vaz MP story from what I know …..
  19. And so it begins. Now will people understand why the IICSA under Vaz was a dog & pony show. Flashback to this.

  20. Married MP Keith Vaz tells prostitutes he invited to flat to bring poppers

  21. Keith Vaz the longest serving Asian MP & member of Privy Council looks like it’s over. Because of male prostitutes”

  22. exclusive must surely lead to the immediate suspension of Keith Vaz MP whilst these very serious allegations are investigated
  23. Funny, I always thought the fact that he’s an utter crook would bring Keith Vaz down. Maybe it’ll be something else. 🙂
  24. Explanation: These guys were new to English and asked for some “vaz” (Vaseline). Keith Vaz was being helpful.

  25. Add a dash of Vaz and everything comes out whiter:

  26. Keith Vaz addresses Help a Poor Child charity founded by paedophile Derek Slade October 2000

  27. Labour have upped their game. Beat that Danczuks ‘

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