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Ex police chief Bob Quick threatens to SUE Damian Green unless the Cabinet minister publicly retracts claim he ‘lied’ about porn allegations

  • Bob Quick launched an extraordinary attack on Damian Green as row escalates 
  • Mr Quick has said the minister had extreme porn on his office computer in 2008
  • Mr Green denies claim and accused Mr Quick of being a liar with a vendetta
  • Mr Quick said the minister of mounting a ‘deeply personal attack upon me’ 

Ex police chief Bob Quick today threatened to sue Damian Green as the pair’s feud over allegations the minister viewed porn on his office computer took a fresh twist.

The former Met Police assistant commissioner said Mr Green must ‘publicly retract’ allegations he had lied about what was found on the office computer.

He accused Mr Green – Theresa May‘s de facto deputy – of mounting an ‘unpleasant and deeply personal attack upon me’ and trying to ‘discredit him.

And he warned that unless the First Secretary of State publicly apologises he will consider legal action.

The pair have been embroiled in a bitter row over allegations Mr Green has enormous amounts on ‘extreme’ porn on his office computer when it was raided by police in 2008.

Bob Quick accused Damian Green - Theresa May's de facto deputy - of mounting an 'unpleasant and deeply personal attack upon me' and trying to 'discredit him.

Damian Green, pictured outside his home this morning, is battling to salvage his Cabinet career amid a cabinet Office investigation over the porn claims

Former police chief Bob Quick (pictured left) has today threatened to sue Cabinet Minister Damian Green (pictured right outside his home this morning) unless the minister retracts his claims he is a liar

Mr Green is battling to salvage his Cabinet career and is being investigated for over the claims. The report is expected to report back within days.

The allegations surfaced last month as the sex harassment scandal swept through Westminster.

Mr Green put out a statement strongly denying the claim and branding and accusing Mr Quick of being a ‘tainted and untrustworthy’ source who had long-running vendetta against him.

But in a dramatic escalation of their row, Mr Quick today launched a strongly worded attack against Mr  Green which piles further pressure on the embattled minister.


The Tories put out footage of the 2008 raid on Damian Green's office

The Tories put out footage of the 2008 raid on Damian Green’s office

Damian Green and Bob Quick crossed swords in 2008 when the Met assistant commissioner took dramatic action in an inquiry into leaks from the force.

Mr Quick decided to arrest then then shadow immigration minister.

The Tory MP was held for nine hours while his Commons office, two homes and constituency office, were searched and computers removed by counter-terrorism officers.

The episode sparked a huge inquest at the Commons into whether parliamentary privilege should have protected the material held by an MP.

In the ensuing political storm, it emerged Mr Quick’s wife was running a car hire firm from their home and details of their address were published on a website.

The officer then accused the Tories of being ‘wholly corrupt’ in leaking the story to intimidate him and his investigation.

But he was forced to apologise after then party leader David Cameron said the claim ‘Tory machinery’ was mobilised against his investigation was ‘completely baseless’.

Mr Green was later cleared of any wrongdoing. Mr Quick complained bitterly that the investigation cost him his career.

He quit in April 2009 after being photographed arriving at Downing Street with documents detailing a counter-terror operation clearly visible. He later claimed he might have survived the gaffe if it had not been for the Green affair.

He said: ‘Damian Green called me a liar in the statement he tweeted on 4 November 2017. That is completely untrue.

‘Everything I have said is accurate, in good faith, and in the firm belief that I have acted in the public interest.’

He added: ‘I wish to make it clear for the avoidance of any doubt or further speculation that I am in no way motivated politically and bear no malice whatsoever to Damian Green.

‘This is despite unfortunate and deeply hurtful attempts to discredit me. Everything I have said about this matter has been in good faith, and in the firm belief that I have acted in the public interest.

‘I invite Damian Green publicly to retract his allegations against me. I am considering legal action.’

It was claimed last month that vast amounts of extreme porn was found on one of Mr Green’s office computer’s when it was raided in 2008.

The raid was highly controversial at the time, as Mr Green – then shadow immigration minister – had been embarrassing the police with a series of leaks.

But the allegations about what was found on his computer were only levelled by former officers after the standards investigation was launched.

Mr Green has flatly denied viewing pornography at work, while allies said he was ‘gobsmacked’ that police were being allowed to make ‘outlandish smears’ against him.

But his war with the police escalated when ex-detective Neil Lewis publicly backed Mr Quick and said he found ‘thousands’ of pornographic images on the computer.

In his statement today, Mr Quick said everything he has done has been ‘in good faith ‘and ‘in the firm belief I acted in the public interest’.

He said that during the 2008 investigation it was reported to him and other senior officers that a ‘vast amount’ of porn was discovered on a computer in Mr Green’s parliamentary office.

He said he was told that internet history data logs indicated that the material had been viewed ‘prolifically and in working hours’.

Mr Quick said he told Sue Gray, the Cabinet Office’s head of ethics, about the porn after  news broke that Mr Green was being investigated over a separate claim he made an unwanted pass at a female Tory activist.

He denied leaking the story to the Sunday Times and insisted his actions were not politically motivated.

A spokesman for Mr Green said: ‘It would be inappropriate for Mr Green to comment while the Cabinet Office inquiry is ongoing and while the Metropolitan Police is investigating the conduct of former officers.’

Scotland Yard chief Cressida Dick yesterday said former officers were ‘wrong’ to be using confidential material from the raid to try and oust him.

Theresa May, pictured outside No10 today with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. It would be a major blow for the PM if she lost her trusted de facto deputy to the scandal 

Theresa May, pictured outside No10 today with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. It would be a major blow for the PM if she lost her trusted de facto deputy to the scandal

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I think you will find it was Quick that was ‘mounting a deeply personal attack’ on Green in the first place – if he had been an honourable police chief, he would have raised these issues at the time and not many years later.

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Bang their heads together!

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If this dodgy copper can set an MP up what hope does a poor teenager have.

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Bob, even if there was stuff on his computer, you have already said it was unsavoury but wasn¿t illegal. We all know you broke into DG¿s office, stole his computer and then your mate by his own admission is still hanging onto Damien¿s so called porn, no doubt viewing it at every opportunity to verify how bad it is. Nobody cares about this.

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These ex-coppers are now getting desperate… If they go to law, they’ll run out of money before they “prove” anything.

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Quick and his pals need sorting out. Their arrogance and entitlement astounds me. What they have done is unacceptable. This is a threat on our freedoms.

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Mr Quick will have an enormous pension pot to finance any action. What he and his colleagues did was plain wrong. Regarless of liking or disliking the Police or Tories. The Police cannot take evidence home to store when they retire, totally unproffesional. What reason would you have to keep evidence situation that is not illegal other than causing embarrasment to someone. Mr Quick and ex colleagues are begging for trouble and they will get both barrels…very silly…

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Have read the physical evidence is long gone. Miraculously has disappeared. Hope Mr Quick has something concrete written down somewhere.

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The Tories and the Mail launched a vicious smear campaign against Quick & his family when he was investigating Green & Galley. Its no surprise that the majority of DM readers seem to be backing Green.

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He has whistleblown on our corrupt government, covering up for themselves and turning blind eyes. Wouldn¿t be acceptable in any other company.

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