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Friday 17th October Melanie Shaw was released on bail with extreme bail conditions, she was released without any medication which she needs on a daily basis, which caused a lot of problems for her and those caring for her. Just to give you an idea of how Melanie looked when she was released from HMP Peterborough
Melanie was continually mentally and physically abused whilst in the care of HMP, her medication was given when they felt like giving it, she was locked up for 23.5 hours a day in solitude for days on end, her cell regularly trashed and searched by the guards, even on her birthday! the worst of all, Melanie had a leg ulcer which, was closed when she went into prison, upon specialists advice she had been treating this with Manuka honey, a well known treatment for wounds that will not heal.
Her leg became infected again whilst in the care of HMP Peterborough and they refused to send Maline to the hospital or even supply her with the Manuka Honey, which friends had sent to the prison for her, this was thrown away! One very large pot sent by a pensioner also just thrown in the bin, and nothing was said to Melanie.
This was the state of her leg upon her release on bail
HMP gave Melanie dish cloths to dress this horrifying wound which has now
spread to her foot and ankle
Melanie will be on trial on Tuesday 28th October at Nottingham Crown Court on trumped up charges of arson, up to date, no evidence has been presented to the Courts.
Melanie is not the only one to be mistreated at this prison
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for more information on Melanie please read

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