SS Update

SS Update

Chris Spivey

Hi all,
Just a quick update to let you know how the meeting with the SS went today although there is not an awful lot to tell really.
Wolfie – who filmed the meeting – seemed to think that there was a positive shift in their attitude although I can’t say that I detected any.
It is really just a waiting game for them now I suppose, to see whether or not I am charged when I answer bail next week… Which is kinda nonsensical.
You see, if I am not charged then there will be no further action from the SS, but if I am, then I suddenly become the big bad monster… Which is why I am not quite sure of the logic in that – but hey ho.
Course, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the vindictive, wholly corrupt, insidious Southend plod charge me anyway, although I am at a loss as to know what with.
Never the less, it is no skin off their noses whatsoever if they charge me with bollocks and don’t get a conviction since by doing so, the damage is already done.
And obviously, that is despite the fact that being charged doesn’t make me guilty of anything… Which I most certainly am not.
I will therefore repeat that every single one of the people taking part in this stitch up will be made to answer for their actions. You have my word on that.
As for my odious MP James Duddridge?
Well, as coincidence would have it I received an e-mail from his office this morning:

Dear Mr Spivey,
Thank you for your email, this is a standard response. This is just a brief message to confirm that your correspondence has been received. 
Due to a strict parliamentary convention, Members of Parliament are only allowed to deal with correspondence from their own constituents. 
I would therefore be grateful if you could please ensure that you have included your full postal address in your email. If you have not, please confirm this by replying to this email.
I apologise if you have previously provided your address, however for Data Protection purposes we need to ensure that we have the correct address on file.
No further action will be taken on your case unless your address has been provided, however if you have provided your address no further action is required.
 James responds to his constituents’ concerns in writing.
 Thank you once again for your email.
 Yours sincerely
Well, I suppose a standard response is a step in the right direction – or not – even if it has taken a week for his office to furnish me with one.
No doubt they have been busy formulating a plan of action whilst slowing things down in the process.
Still, I can now look forward to a typed letter from Dudders spouting of a load of waffle and no action as opposed to an e-mail spouting of a load of waffle and no action.
No wonder I get pissed off.
Never the less, I thank you most sincerely for your fantastic support. After all, I am 100% certain that it has made a massive difference to this unlawful, abhorrent, sorry state of affairs… Please keep up the good work.
Love you all,

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