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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Mhairi Black Interview, never had a real one to one with ‘horrible cow’ Nicola Sturgeon, exceptional poor voting record at Westminster, doesn’t like the water in darkest London, and the real gem, “I’m tired of sitting in surgeries”, clearly her social life is more important to her than vulnerable people, maybe she should stop hanging out ‘windaes’ and get her attitude problem sorted out, you are there to learn, and you learn by doing

Dear All

It seems that SNP MP Mhairi Black has decided to open up her heart in an exclusive interview with Mandy Rhodes. The article contains reasons enough why Mhairi Black shouldn’t be an MP at the Commons; to me the chief reason is that she basically isn’t interested. I take from her interview that Black doesn’t understand public service, putting others before herself; I find her interview to be in some ways a puff piece.

Elected in 2015, we get treated to a tale of how her next door neighbour was Natalie McGarry, and they used to “hang out the windaes” chatting like Glasgow housewives, this begs the question, why weren’t they working. Also some people have observed that Mhairi Black lived in Ralston which isn’t famous for its tenements, not in the bit she lived anyway. Of course, we should remember that her next door neighbour Natalie McGarry didn’t last the course.


It will be a long time in hell before Natalie McGarry, Nicola Sturgeon’s professed ‘pal’ sees the inside of Westminster again, her career is gone and not short enough it was too.

Apparently Black has said in relation to Westminster:

“I don’t enjoy it in the slightest. It is over 300 miles away from my home, it is filled with sociopaths, and if it was any other building, health and safety would shut it down in a heartbeat.”

She gets elected to one of the best places in the world to develop her political education and she can’t recognise where she is standing, and we are supposed to believe that her mind is razor sharp?

Black was elected to Paisley South and that turfed out Douglas Alexander who was a prominent Labour MP, but that is the nature of elections, no one has a right to a seat for life. Douglas Alexander held the seat for 18 years, and if you have been in Paisley you wouldn’t think this place is nirvana by any means.

One thing that Black acknowledges is that you get different people in the SNP, you get socialists and you get ‘Conservatives’, the ‘Conservatives’ run the SNP, of course there is a sprinkling of ‘workies’ and pretend ‘workies’ to make the SNP look socialist to the punters, all a sham.

You only have to look at the SNP’s record to see it isn’t a ‘workers’ party, or a party of change or social justice or equality or any of the other tags they have latched onto to get a voter cache for elections.

One part which has caught people’s attention was the bit about Alex Salmond giving advice.

Alex Salmond takes her to lunch in the House of Commons after being elected and thinks a few changes should be made in how she presents herself. Black said the meeting between them wasn’t entirely comfortable.

She added:

“… I was just sitting chatting away to him and the whole time I’m thinking, what’s the point of this meant to be – is this a date, do I need to come out to Alex Salmond? It was fine, really, he was just giving me tips here and there and then he says, ‘I’m sure Taz [Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh, then a fellow SNP MP] will take you out to go shopping or something at some point and you’ll find your own style’. He then said that the last time he’d had this conversation it was with a young woman called Nicola Sturgeon”.

Nicola Sturgeon was famous for being what the press termed a nippy sweetie which has been upgraded by a BBC comedy team to ‘horrible cow’, horrible cow is after the makeover, not before.


Like can be cruel sometimes, especially when so many people think ‘horrible cow’, don’t you think but one wonders, what ‘fashion’ Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh would have picked out for Black who looks as feminine as a Russian ship yard worker and with a voice as rough as a badger’s arse.

In the end, Black thought:

“I am never going to be told how to dress, especially by a man.”

Oh touchy……. I am sure members of the LGBT community doing fashion will be upset by this comment!

On the issue of lack of help, Mhairi Black echoed some things I said about the SNP, basically they don’t, the attitude by those in charge; is to pap their shit off onto someone else and expect them to do it. The SNP apparently run a mentoring service but the truth is; its shite, Black got Fiona Hyslop who was as much use as a chocolate teapot.

In the past, I blogged on Nicola Sturgeon at Pollok SNP social nights, basically Nicola Sturgeon would turn up, chat for a bit, then do a speech and shortly afterwards disappear as fast as possible. I always tended to think that she wanted to ‘get the hell out of Dodge’, and Pollok SNP wasn’t full of people that you would want to socialise with anyway. So, I am not surprised that Black said that she didn’t have a close relationship with Sturgeon, I doubt that anyone has a close relationship with Sturgeon because Sturgeon isn’t likeable or a people person. Of course the SNP spent ages trying to paint Sturgeon as a ‘caring person’ which to me was a ploy on the gullible for votes.

Black added:

“I think things should change and that it might be an idea for Nicola to take the time to talk to folk or whatever but I hope that someone else further down the line does have a different experience to me”.

Has Black passed through the Allison Hunter Training School, named after the non famous Glasgow Councillor who did very little activism in the Govan ward that she represented and who no one knew. This video link below is her daughter, also a councillor, Sturgeon’s pal and also a complete waste of space


The daughter is just as useless as the mother.

Much has been made about Mhairi Black’s extremely poor voting record, so as well as opening up her heart, we get treated to the fact she has opened up her ‘rear end’ due to the novovirus and bugs she has caught in travelling back and forth to deepest darkness London.  One wonders has she heard of washing your hands before she eats her food!

Also as she misses the Scottish water, buy bottled.

Finally, Black said


“I am absolutely buzzing to get home from London, not just for family, but for professional reasons as well – you can’t represent somewhere well if you’re never in it”.

Then she said:

“I’m tired of sitting in surgeries”.

To me this sounds like mixed messages and someone who really doesn’t want to be doing public service, maybe instead of Westminster she should opt to try for Holyrood, clearly her social life is more important.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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