‘He seemed like a regular guy but he’s a pure animal’: Serial child rapist Robert McGregor unmasked

ROBERT McGregor filmed himself as he raped children and the Daily Record are unmasking the predator.

Robert McGregor raped a number of children
THE Daily Record today unmasks a paedophile monster facing life in jail for raping three little boys.
Predator Robert McGregor filmed himself as he raped the children, then shared the images with other perverts.
are the first media organisation to obtain a picture of him. It was
given to us by a relative of one of his victims in the hope others will
come forward.
He seemed like a regular guy – one you would happily go to the pub with.

But the family of one of serial 
child rapist Robert
McGregor’s victims are still trying to come to terms with the horror of
what he 
did to their little boy.
All they can do now is care for
 the victim – and show the world the monster’s face.
Through the Daily Record, the family today unmask McGregor in the hope it will help reveal the full horror of his crimes.
relative of the primary-age boy told us: “The police say there are
unidentified victims, so maybe publishing his picture will bring others
McGregor planned it all. Slowly, carefully, deviously,
he wormed 
his way into the family’s trust 
until they thought it was
safe to 
leave him alone with
 the child.
Then he raped the boy, just as he raped two others.
filmed rapes so he could enjoy them again later and shared video of his
abuse of one victim with other paedophiles around the world.

He pled guilty this week to a horrific list of sex offences
and could face a lifelong sentence when he returns to court in January.
The court heard boys aged three and six were among his victims.
While he was committing 
his appalling crimes, McGregor’s mask of normality never slipped.
could go and have a pint 
with him and be none the wiser,” 
the boy’s
family member told the Record. “He’s not a stereotype, an old man in a
dirty raincoat.
“But he’s just a pure animal. 
He’s a horrendous
person – the decoys and angles he used to 
separate the kids from their
“He was a hardworking young guy who gave money to charities but
it appears that was all an image.

Robert McGregor

“I think he was paying a monthly direct debit to Barnardo’s
somewhere like that. He’s probably been deceiving other people in
the same way he deceived me.”
The relative described how McGregor, a 35-year-old delivery driver from Inverness, gradually 
won the family’s confidence.
“He’d come to the house for dinner and slowly but surely built up a trust,” he said.
“He’d offer to take kids down to the house just to give us a bit of a break, to help out.
“It all just seemed very, very normal, like he was just helping. 
He took them to the cinema, fishing and camping – overnight.
know of other families whose kids he took fishing. He was definitely
grooming children – and it’s been going 
on for 15 years.”
McGregor abused children in the Inverness area for 13 years, starting in 2001.
He was caught after the National Online Child Abuse Prevention Agency learned he had been
downloading child porn.
raided his home in Friars Street, Inverness. More than 2000 indecent
photos and 899 videos were recovered – among them McGregor’s films of
the rapes of the three boys.

McGregor had avoided showing his face, or those of the victims, in the rape videos.
as police investigated, the identities of the boys emerged. The
pervert, who had been on bail, was put back in the dock on rape charges
and remanded in custody.
The relative said the boy from his
family gave a statement to police about the two years of abuse he had
suffered – and “stopped McGregor in his tracks”.
“He’s a smart
boy,” he said. “He gave a five-hour interview to the police describing
everything that went on. The police were brilliant.”
The family then had to cope with learning the full scale of McGregor’s abuse. It left them traumatised.
The relative said: “There’s no 
nice way… but at least our lad is not identifiable.
“We were told there might be
as many as 20 counts of rape on
the three victims.
“It’s pretty hard to hear. We were not prepared for what we got told in court, to be honest.
“It was pretty horrendous.

Callum Moffat/Daily Record
The High Court in Edinburgh

“I look back now and the annoying thing is that I can join all the dots.”
The relative said the boy was “holding up” despite the horror of what McGregor did to him.
And he revealed that the pervert’s mother had contacted with the family to apologise for her son.
“She got in touch on social media and said she was horrified by his actions,” he said.
“That was a decent thing. She 
said they told him to plead guilty to save the kids from a trial or that would be it with them.”
family will struggle for a long time to get over what McGregor did, but
the relative said he takes comfort from what he was told by one of the
police officers involved in the case.
He said: “They told me you can’t rationalise something irrational.
get up in the morning and protect our children. McGregor gets up and
looks for an angle to get to children for sexual gratification.
“Our brains don’t work like his.”
At the High Court in Edinburgh on Wednesday, McGregor admitted three charges of raping boys and 
one of sexually assaulting a child.
He also pled guilty to making indecent photos of children 
and distributing indecent photos.
court heard McGregor uploaded five videos to a peer-to-peer app which
let other perverts see footage of him abusing one 
of the boys.

Police experts learned that perverts in America, Germany
and in the Czech Republic had accessed the files.
Many of the images McGregor had hoarded from the internet were in the worst category of child porn.
Prosecutor Jo McDonald
said: “Some of the images showed children who appeared to be as young as 12 months old.”
The court heard McGregor’s crimes had a profound effect on some of his victims.
Judge Lady Carmichael remanded McGregor in custody and said she would make a risk assessment order.
can lead to an Order for Lifelong Restriction, where an offender serves
a set minimum sentence but will only ever be released if the parole
board decides he is no longer dangerous.
Detective Inspector
Campbell said: “I want to acknowledge the courage shown by the
victims and their families, which has resulted in McGregor’s conviction.
will robustly and sensitively investigate all reports of sexual abuse –
regardless of when it
took place. It is never too late to report

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