I was very pleased to have been invited to appear on UK Column Live`s televised programme, being interviewed by Brian Gerrish, on 19th December. The UK Column has established a fine reputation with its fearless reporting and is an example to those journalists and editors who are too often intimidated into dropping stories they know to be true and in the public interest.  The main feature of the interview was the factual evidence that supports the validity of the campaign on which I have relied. The interview can be seen, around twenty-eight minutes into the programme.

The documents exposing Alex Salmond`s involvement in the case are shown and the Freedom of Information Commissioner has confirmed that Mr Salmond and the SNP government were twice in breach of the terms of the FOI Act in connection with the Hollie Greig case.

In my previous post I reported my complaint to the police about Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen`s racial abuse directed at me and his complicity in falsifying the court audio record in order to omit his offensive and discriminatory remark. This abuse of me followed the discovery of Bowen`s undisclosed ten year relationship with cited defence witness Elish Angiolini, after I had publicly confronted Bowen with this deception in the courtroom. None of this appears to have had any negative impact on the pair`s academic careers. Angiolini was subsequently installed as Principal of St Hugh`s College Oxford, while Bowen retains his post as Assessor at Edinburgh University, where the Princess Royal is the Chancellor .Her Royal Highness`s private secretary has been kept informed of Bowen`s disgraceful conduct.

Scotland`s excellent Judicial Complaints Reviewer, Ms Moi Ali, has produced a damning report on the lack of accountability and disclosure failings of Scotland`s judiciary. The case of Edward Bowen amplifies and confirms everything that is wrong with the presentlaissez faire attitude displayed by the Lord President. Reports on Ms Ali`s official document have been published in the Scottish Sunday Mail of 15th December and in A Diary of Injustice on 16th December. The headline reads “Guilty, M`Luds”.

Quite so.

Very good news has been reported from Wales in the past few days over the absolutely shocking Linda Lewis case, a study in the criminally cruel conduct of the state if ever there was one, in this case the Welsh Assembly- it is not just in Scotland that staggeringly barbaric corruption at the highest level exists.

Kevin Edwards, an astonishingly brave campaigner must take a great deal of credit for this in his battle against the odds in exposing a degree of state criminality that is almost beyond belief. A look at the Justice for Linda Lewis site will provide details of this heartrending case. One can only applaud one Welsh Assembly Member, David Rees, for his bravery and decency in obtaining confirmation that the Welsh Assembly, after years of denials, had indeed conspired to kidnap a defenceless and ill young girl. This development must give real hope to all victims of ruthless state oppression. One can only wish that the Scottish Parliament might include just one member as brave as David Rees – let us hope so, for the sake of all children and the disabled in that benighted country.

In another and totally unrelated case, Herefordshire`s Guy Taylor used his extensive knowledge of Common Law to win a landmark battle against huge business interests, not helped by sheer ignorance of the law and the indifference of the courts themselves.

There is no question that things are changing and that more and more good judges, police officers and  politicians are coming forward with the overwhelming majority of people in trying to restore decency, justice and humanity to our once proud nation that has now become widely known as the sick and depraved man of Europe.

Finally at this time of the year, I would like to thank again all the fine people who have loyally stood with me and especially in supporting the wonderfully courageous Hollie Greig and her devoted mother, Anne. I wish all of you the very best for Christmas and the New Year. The coming year will be a challenging one, no doubt, but with courage and resolve we can and will win. Kevin Edwards and Guy Taylor have just demonstrated that.


  1. And a Happy Christmas to you and your Family.
    This time next year.. who knows ?

    Thanks for the update.
    Regards, brendan.


  2. Thank you Robert. Another letter so important to publish. Thank you for all your caring and effort and supporting “hope & knowledge” in dark rooms becoming light ones. I do not wish to give darkness a negative fashion only, I mean it in a symbolic sense of course. 

    Europe and its countries. All are involved and I think, the major difference is that “yours” has people who do what you are doing and you are a great example for showing how things are and must be turned right to go on on our beautiful planet etc.

    Only think of the Swiss Guards in the Vatican. 

    Be well

    With love also to your closest.

    *bye for now


  3. is this interview available online? almost forgot well done robert and always remember the truth train is full steam ahead!


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