UK Column News Special 18 December 2017 – Review of 2017 and looking forward to 2018

UK Column News Special 18 December 2017 – Review of 2017 and looking forward to 2018

George Greek Trucker

  • TeasMade is using D Cameron’s Blueprint for the Transition Negotiations
  • It’s working towards The ”New Partnership with EUSSR”
  • EUSSR Military Unification – Bi Lateral Agreements already done & dusted are now being merged to create a TTIP arrangement
  • The Brits have given the EUSSR a red line like CETA position
  • Mark Anderson – CETA v TTIP – an in depth study to come
  • BREXIT is now a right Dogs’ Breakfast in other words Mr Robinson
  • Brian Gerrish – The fallacy of a proper parliamentary system running has now been exposed e.g. We have a former PM – Blair – saying the most important thing is to get BREXIT stopped.
  • Alex Thompson – The case of Shell getting privileged negotiation position recently shows the EU is actually a corporatocracy.
  • EUSSR Army procurement has been announced – all the boxes have now been ticked
  • UK Army must stay in the command & control of UK Government.  EUSSR Army will NOT be the same as NATO
  • PESCO will be a Military Supermarket

Rubin Schmidt

  • Building on the Treaty of London and the COUNCIL OF EUROPE 1949
  • Building on and borrowing from the Merkel initiative, the 2007 U.S.-EU Summit
    adopted a Framework for Advancing Transatlantic Economic Integration . The
    framework affirmed the importance of further deepening transatlantic economic
    integration, particularly through efforts to reduce or harmonize regulatory barriers to
    international trade and investment. A new institutional structure, a *Transatlantic
    Economic Council* (TEC), was established to advance this process. The TEC will be
    headed on both sides by ministerial-level appointees with cabinet rank. Its mandate is to accelerate on-going efforts to reduce regulatory barriers, in part, by introducing broader participation of stakeholders, including legislators, in the discussions and cooperative meetings. Meeting at least once a year, the TEC will monitor progress and try to identify areas where regulations could be reduced or harmonized. Despite this effort to provide a higher-level political commitment to accelerating transatlantic economic integration .

Nevertheless, the U.S.-EU relationship has been challenged in recent years as
numerous trade and foreign policy conflicts have emerged. The 2003 crisis over Iraq,
which bitterly divided the EU and severely strained U.S.-EU relations, is most notable,
but the list of disagreements has been wide and varied. Although Europeans are not
monolithic in their views, many EU member states have objected to at least some
elements of U.S. policy on issues ranging from the *Israeli-Palestinian conflict to U.S.
treatment of terrorist detainees* to climate change and aircraft subsidies. Since 2003,
however, both sides have made efforts to improve relations, and successive U.S.-EU
summits have sought to emphasize areas of cooperation and partnership. At the same
time, challenges and some tensions remain in the U.S.-EU relationship.

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