UK Column News 14th October 2016 With David Scott

UK Column News 14th October 2016 With David Scott 






Published on 14 Oct 2016
Today’s UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & David Scott, including:

START Telegraphic Dross & the Systematic Degradation of Public Discourse
03:52 United Snakes Pantomime Elections : Theatric distraction from War
12:24 Another Day, Another Military Exercise with Posturing & Escalation
14:15 Kislyak Warns of a Breakdown in Russian-American communications
15:47 Syria & Yemen : America claims the Houthis have attacked its warship
23:25 Plymouth Constitutionalist & History Society | Networks In Formation
32:12 Independents for Change : the fearless Clare Daly speaks out in Ireland
33:57 Police Officer & Child Rapist Peter Bunyan was never CRB checked…
34:21 Establishment abuse-Networks in Plymouth & the sadist Allan Richards
35:49 Home for Children… Teenager found Hung after Reporting his ‘Carer’
36:52 Judge Goddard was a ‘racist tyrant’ who Blamed Asian Men for Abuse
42:13 Inescapable : the Infinite Public & Private Debt that Imprisons Britain


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