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Monday, 27 October 2014

Acknowedgement from Home Affairs Select Committee re my concerns regarding limitations of scope of “maximum transparency”

Yesterday I wrote to Keith Vaz and the Home Affairs Select Committee asking that the Committee take evidence from Theresa May and/or Mark Sedwill regarding the scope of the promised “maximum transparency” in the promised Child Abuse Inquiry.

When does a presumption of “maximum transparency” not apply to the Home Office sponsored Child Abuse Inquiry
for my letter to Mr. Vaz and his committee.

Today I received an acknowledgement from Andy Boyd, Senior Committee Assistant confirming receipt of my letter.

I very much hope that the Home Affairs Select Committee will see the seriousness of the issues raised and require Mrs. May and/or Mr. Sedwill to attend to give further oral evidence to the Committee.

I see it as crucial to the credibility of any Child Abuse Inquiry that the limits of the promised “maximum transparency” are identified.

Not least important is that the areas where “zero transparency” can be expected must be clearly  delineated and the likely consequences on the scope and effectiveness of the Child Abuse Inquiry of such “zero transparency” are clearly identified.

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