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    Man admits New Year’s Day sex assault on teenager outside Charter Walk, Burnley

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    Rotary member from Brill who played Santa at Christmas jailed for sexually assaulting two children

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    Woman was groomed at 12 by family friend 41 years her senior via

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    Kirkdale pensioner brought to justice over historic sex assaults on young girl

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    Former primary school caretaker from Milton Keynes unmasked as predatory paedophile as he is jailed for three years

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    Man trapped by paedophile hunters posing as girl, 13

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    Paedophile found with vile baby rape videos spared jail after saying sorry

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    Paedophile jailed for raping ‘vulnerable child’ under ten

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    Scots paedo caught with knife and lube after trying to pull down 7yo girl’s trousers

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    Rochdale grooming gang still on streets as Tories urged to deport vile abusers

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    Paedophile ex-postie back behind bars for abusing two teen girls

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    Paedophile gets 15 years in jail

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    Bulwell woman who was part of notorious paedophile ring has applied for parole

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    Paedophile jailed for child rape 17 years ago

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    Lord Bramall was interviewed by police over paedophile claims just days after his wife died via

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    Former lecturer takes stand to describe ‘devastating effect’ of child sex abuse accusations

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    Paedo Rolf Harris’ youngest victim, 7, dies in her 50s

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    Former assistant headteacher appears in court charged with eight new child sex offences

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    Community resolutions: Rape, trafficking and child abuse among thousands of crimes that never reached court

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