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    1. Labour’s Keith Vaz was voted back on to a parliamentary committee that helps oversee the country’s justice policies. 
  1. The only thing that’s ‘evil’ re child sex abuse is those that perpetrate it, those who try to silence victims & those who try to cover it up
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    Well, there we have it, folks!

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    (1) the ‘family member’ is not part of Nicks life
    (2) where is the evidence proving Nick is ‘evil’ a ‘liar’ or a ‘fantasist’ ?
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  4. Relax, Reflect, Recharge…and then keep moving…

  5. This woman has spent more time on her shoe collection than she has done for victims of …. The British version of Imelda Marcos

  6. The ludicrous situation of Keith Vaz’s appointment on to the Justice Committee summed up by

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