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    HOAXDEAD.. @UKCallumktf You’re killing them Naima! Don’t expect them to surrender. There’s NO LIMIT to their STUPIDITY. Take NO PRISONERS! EXPOSE ALL THE RITUAL SEXUAL ABUSE COVER UP MERCHANTS, SEND THEM BACK TO HELL! says YES!

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    Enjoy THIS vid by TRIGGERED trainee Satanist Flo destroyer fae Fife, where he verbally abuses me, Abe; Shane; Brian and everyone except his mum and Ricky Dearman… HOAXTED PSYCHO-THE-RAPIST KAREN DID NOT want YOU to see THIS Papahemp aka Abe aka Nemesis.

  3. If you want to know the truth behind of look at what they try to omit. Its what they ignore, what they don’t say and what they censor that tells the real story.

  4. Here is Grobnob, working for the blog and . He posted every day on their blog for over a year. He was assigned by them to WORK on trolling me. Don’t believe their lies when they pretend he’s not a part of them. This is the lowlife they hired.

  5. These are the stalking files of keep on me where they stalk my marriage, my family, and every aspect of my life. When will this end Karen? What the hell is wrong with you that you would do this? She has 86 other victims she stalks as well.

  6. These are some of the defamation articles about me written by of . When is the harassment going to stop Karen? How many of your family members do I have to drag into this until you take this crap down and leave me alone?

  7. These are some of the many harassing videos targeting me and my family made by of . Most of them I’ve had forcibly removed from Youtube. When is the harassment going to stop Karen?

  8. This explains why is Tavistock.

  9. waaah… waaah… waaah

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  10. Now that’s a bit more accurate… RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrricky Ricky, Ricky, Ricky, Ricky, Ricky, Ricky, I know how much he loves it when I use his name.

  11. UKCallum says “They are not “. Yes they are, they all worked for you and the MONSTER of your operation that has trolled hundreds of innocent people. You are responsible for everything these trolls do. You fostered them all. This is your Frankenstein.

  12. Next Up… meet Lady Sparkles troll take notice, your fam fam coming up next…

  13. So Grobnob just filed a privacy complaint with Youtube. Problem is the idiot doesn’t realize there is nothing in my video that violates his privacy. So we’ll just let it drag out for the next few days till Youtube drops it. This does validate though that he is indeed ChrisBrindle

  14. STOP THE HARASSMENT. New post coming out every day this week. One by one you’ll all be exposed. You and your family members who work with you.

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    I just sent Grobnob Chris Brindle a link. He’s not gonna be happy. He had the last exposing comments about him removed from Youtube. But he can’t take this down. Its up permanently and its optimized to ensure everyone who types in his name will find out what he is.

  16. This is one of ‘s trolls. He attacks me regularly with vulgar, violent, racial and sexual comments. One of the sicker people they employ to make peoples lives a living hell. Now everyone knows all about him.

  17. So yet another channel has been deleted one from their “MKD” Michael of the mouse accounts. When it rains blessings it pours! I think this one was up for like 3 days before Youtube took the smut down.

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    Genuine question

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    2500 downvotes for Rickys lies

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    there’s a secret to tell…

  21. UKCallum I would like to see the official court order (NOT A LINK TO YOUR STUPID BLOG) that states that Ricky Dearman is a protected witness and that the jurisdiction that covers this includes the entire world. Betya cant do it, cause it doesn’t exist.

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    We WILL forgive, but NOT forget.

  23. Lets all remember that sock puppets said this. It will come in handy with certain peoples family members in the near future.

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