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      What? Hasn’t he given you his password yet?

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      Trolls that come on twitter with the sole purpose of sending hate/abuse/intimidating child sex abuse survivors speaking out, have something to hide. Lets rid twitter of these morons and make it a nice place for survivors to come forward and know they will receive support 👍

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      my tweets not just about childrens care homes,not just about me,theres 1000s othe children in care homes who went through there lives as children,raped abused so many others in thier own homes,raped abused they all matter to me even tho i dont know them,they MATTER

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    Please accept my apologies,I have had to pull out of tonights Freedom Talk Show.I am currently undergoing treatment at Margate. Please bear with me. I am in Atral Fibulation. Love and best wishes to Survivors

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    Massive majority in favour of a second referendum on a Brexit that will leave you worse off, the NHS with less money and about which we are fearful.

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    Looks like you are going to need a new presenter

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