Somehow I’ll find my way home

Somehow I’ll find my way home

The Daily Mirror

I was saddened to read about the death of murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne’s dad, Michael at the relatively young age of 45.
Mind you, it quickly became obvious to me at the time of Sarah’s disappearance that her mother, Sara Payne – Michael’s wife at the time – was made of much stronger stuff than her husband and that he appeared to be a lot more reliant on her, than she was on him.
Therefore, I wasn’t in the least surprised when the couple split up just three years later… Not that I am having a pop at Michael in any way, shape or form.
Indeed, losing a young daughter is undoubtedly devastating for any parents, but losing a daughter, knowing that she had first been raped and tortured whilst frightened out of her mind… Well, I can’t even begin to comprehend how you live with something like that. Indeed, such torment must surely have played heavily on Michael & Sara’s minds everyday.
Moreover, as a man myself, I would imagine that he was plagued by needless feelings of guilt at not being there to protect his daughter when she most needed him. Worse still, he has had to live with the fact that the monster is still alive, whilst doubtlessly wanting to inflict extreme pain on the cunt yet frustrated in knowing that he cannot get near him.
I also note that Michael was sent to prison in 2011 for 16 months after attacking his brother, whilst drunk.
Course, like most MSM articles there is a lack of detail but going on what is supplied this would appear to be an extremely harsh sentence, giving mind to the fact that his brother tried to retract his statement along with Michael having to live with his inner demons and torment over his daughters death… Surely under the circumstances there was scope for leniency.
In the event, the Jon & Vangelis song; “Somehow I’ll find my way home“, will forever be associated with the death of little Sarah Payne, following the haunting piece of music being played at her funeral. However, the lyrics are also somewhat befitting to her fathers passing.
After nearly 15 years of torment, I truly hope that Michael is at least now in peace.

Murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne’s father Michael dies aged 45 after battle with alcohol

Michael Payne struggled with addiction for years after his daughter Sarah was abducted and murdered by paedophile Roy Whiting
The father of murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne has died at the age of 45.
Michael Payne was found dead at his home in Maidstone, Kent. He had spent years battling alcohol addiction following his daughter’s tragic murder in 2000.
Eight-year-old Sarah was abducted by paedophile Roy Whiting as she played in a field outside her grandparents’ rural home in Kingston Gorse, West Sussex in July 2000.
The family of missing eight year old Sarah PayneAppeal: Michael and his wife Sara at an appeal after their little girl was snatched in July 2000

Her brutal death remains one of Britain’s highest profile child murders and led to the introduction of Sarah’s Law following a lengthy campaign by her mother.
Whiting was jailed for life in 2011 and is held at HMP Wakefield, dubbed the Monster Mansion due to the number of high risk sex offenders imprisoned there.
Whiting had previously been convicted of abducting and indecently assaulting an young girl before Sarah’s murder.
Three years after Sarah’s murder, her father admitted his marriage had collapsed after he and his wife Sara struggled with their grief as the loss of their beloved daughter tore apart their 18-year marriage.

PASara and Michael Payne
Tragic: Michael and Sara split up after they lost their daughter

His ex-wife Sara Payne tweeted a link to a report of her former husband’s death.
As news of his death was made public, condolences started pouring in on the social networking site.
“R.I.P Michael Payne. Reunited with your beautiful Sarah at last,” tweeted @LeahMummy.
Twitter user Abby Kildunne @Abby_7 said: “Wow, sad news about Michael Payne. Years of being unable to cope with the loss of a child has literally destroyed him.”

Michael Payne the father of murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne
Struggle: Michael battled with alcohol addiction

In December 2011, Michael was jailed for 16 months for attacking his brother in an booze fuelled rage.
He glassed Stephen Payne on the back of the head, arm and hand after both men had drunk a large amount of alcohol, though his brother pleaded for the unlawful wounding charges to be dropped and issued a retraction statement to the judge.
Sentencing Payne, Judge Jeremy Carey said he had the “deepest sympathy” for the loss of his daughter but the offence warranted a jail sentence – even though his brother had tried to retract his statement to police.
Sarah’s Law allows concerned parents or grandparents to contact police to find out if someone who has contact with a child has a history of child sex offending.
Michael Payne’s children paid tribute to him following his tragic death.
Son Lee, 27, a personal trainer from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, wrote on his public Facebook page: “Dad, you had your demons and troubles but you had a good heart and was a decent man! I hope you have found peace at last! RIP, you will be missed. We are all heartbroken.”
Daughter Charlotte, 19, of Hersham wrote on Facebook: “Heartbroken to say the least, no matter what happened and how many mistakes we all made. You will always be my Daddy.”
It is understood that police are not treating Michael’s death as suspicious.
He is believed to have lived alone in his first-floor flat in Maidstone, Kent.
A neighbour said: “The police were concerned for his welfare and forced their way in to his flat a few days ago.”

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