Tom Watson has written to Prime Minister saying police experts from around UK should be brought

West Bromwich MP calls for national inquiry into historic Westminster child abuse allegations

Tom Watson has written to Prime Minister saying police experts from around UK should be brought

West Bromwich East MP Tom Watson

Black Country Tom Watson has called for a national inquiry into claims that police are investigating three murders linked to a network of VIP politician paedophiles and perverts in Westminster during the 1970s and 80s.
The Labour MP for West Bromwich East, who raised the allegation of a ‘powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and Number 10’ in the House of Commons two years ago believes that a national police inquiry is necessary to get to the truth.
Now fresh evidence has been revealed that a child abuse network was based at the Dolphin Square luxury apartment development in Pimlico, near Parliament, where it is claimed prominent people, including MPs at the time, abused many children and murdered three youngsters.
One alleged victim of abuse, known only as Nick, told his harrowing story to the Sunday People in the hope that other victims or witnesses will come forward with further evidence to police.
Scotland Yard confirmed it has opened Operation Midland to probe the allegations and that it is now investigating ‘possible homicide’ as a result of the fresh evidence.
In the light of the fresh evidence Mr Watson has written to Prime Minister David Cameron to ask for a national police inquiry drawing on the expertise of specialist officers from across the UK’s police forces.
He said: “The allegations of cruelty, torture and murder are truly shocking and go far beyond the case I raised with the Prime Minister two years ago. The public will be deeply concerned which is why it is vital the police quickly establish the facts. “It’s such a disturbing allegation that I have no doubt the resources will be found to conduct a thorough investigation.
“If true, this is a vital piece of the jigsaw in the pursuit of organised child abuse.
“We are at the point where the government should consider a national police inquiry made up of specialists from around the country.
“It is unfair to ask the police in London alone to investigate alleged crimes that took place in many regions of the UK. I am writing to the PM to make this request.”

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