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Sonia Poulton .. i noticed this guys comment on your youtube video, sounds like this could be one of the ‘PIE’ scum that could be behind your hacks and attacks … he all but admits to being a Paedo in his comment, and indicates he is part of a ‘group’ and not acting alone …. hope this helps … i couldnt stop myself from replying, and may have crossed the line, please dont hesitate to delete my comment from the video if you feel its for the best)
a comment taken from sonia poultons video ..

posted by username ‘Hollie Greig Hoax’
1 month ago
Sonia – you are directly responsible for Robert Green’s jailing by allowing him on your show to talk about the Hollie Grieg case. He broke his “None Harassment Order” in doing so – so will again have to face another trial and will most likely face another term in prison.

Apart from obviously not knowing a great deal about the case other than what Robert had told you, and even though we sent you plenty of information before the interview, is this what you call professional journalism?

You also promised us a right of reply but ignored our request for a recorded Skype conversation after you lost your platform on TPV and again came out in support of Robert and his false, defamatory and malicious claims when he was recently arrested.

When we challenged you about this and your earlier interview you accused us of bullying and harassment. When we called you to discuss this (your phone number is freely available on your website) you again accused us of harassment, by calling you on your “personal” number and slammed the phone down.

Robert Green has been bullying and harassing innocent people for years, he was sent to jail for doing so – sending malicious letters to the neighbours of innocent people telling them they were living next door to paedophiles.

You refused to talk to us and one of those innocent accused directly and make excuses because you are challenged.

So again i would ask you, is that what you call professional journalism?

Now you are asking for money via donations just like other fake truther/alternative media hacks like Brian Gerrish and Louise Collins – who like you, refuse a right of reply.

When you left TPV you stated that you would find another platform and you had many things in the pipeline – obviously not.

There can be little doubt that anyone donating to “your truth” is being completely and totally exploited just like those who donate to the Brian Gerrish & the UK Column.

There is also no doubt that Robert Green will face another jail sentence directly because of your incompetence. ”’

SO, i had to reply …

WHO IS ‘WE’ and ‘US’ .. are you one of the Paedos, or one of their Cock sucking minions ?…
your comment reveals alot … you say ..
‘…WE sent you plenty of information before the interview,’ …
you say ‘You also promised US a right of reply’…
you say ‘When WE challenged you about this and your earlier interview you accused US of bullying and harassment.’

So by your own words, YOU admit there is an organised group (‘WE /US’) that seem to be spending alot of time, effort and resources in trying to attack anyone who is trying to stop paedophilia and protect children …
The same group that seems to have power within the police, and the courts and all other institutions HIGHLIGHTED by the Holy Grieg Case …

You cant see you just proved the case against yourself …

Are YOU a member of PIE by any chance ?

i can see straight through you, kiddy fiddler, go tell your paedo mates their day will come … and no amount of secret courts and gagging orders will save you … now fuck off back to your hovel you paedo scum apologist !!! …

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