posted on Jul, 6 2011 @ 11:48 AM
Thank you for your kind words justyc

I had to stand down from Hollie’s case when my health could no longer withstand the two-faced back-stabbing and when it became obvious that the “stories” put forward by Anne Greig and Robert Green were a crock of s**t.

I was involved in the very earliest stages long before the campaign was hijacked by self-serving egomaniacs like Paul Dorkton, Steven Milne, George McKendrick and Matt Quinn with their false identities, fawning neophytes and threats of violence. I cannot even begin to tell the story of the truly horrendous abuse I suffered at the hands of these evil people.

I know that I was not the only person vilified by the braying mob for trying to tell the truth and to stand up to the bullies on Facebook. Others like yourself, Pabs, Greg Lance-Watkins and Lesley McLaren suffered the same fate.

Stay safe and keep well,

Tom G

posted on Jul, 7 2011 @ 03:14 AM
justyc – I am not going to post any more documents. Robert Green’s blog is a comprehensive source of info and he invites comments questioning the evidence. If you want to publish documents which you believe support your view that Hollie Greig was NOT abused by a paedophile ring and that there is NOT a massive cover up going on then you are free to do so. All other matters such as your opinion of Robert Green, Anne Greig or myself is of no relevance to the crux of the case ie that there has been a failure to investigate extremely serious allegations and the behaviour of various authorities in Scotland and England smells of a cover-up.

I do not find your counter-arguements convincing at all. Your theory about why Hollie received payment of criminal injuries compensation is risible. You are entitled to your opinion but you must admit that you are in a tiny minority.

Tom – I thought I told you to stop making false and defamatory statements about myself. Here are the FACTS about the person who calls himself Tom George. He is a liar, a fantasist and a bully who preys on vulnerable women. The fact that he is a disciple of Greg Lance-Watkins tells all about his state of mind.

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