Fiona Woolf’s Letter To HASC And Drafts.

Original source can be found HERE
These are the images;
Woolf Letter 01aWoolf Letter 02aWoolf Letter 03a
Below are the ‘Thunbnails’ of the drafts from the document which are reproduced in the same order as they appear in the document.
NOTE : This may or may not be the order in which they were created at the time by the Home Office/Fiona Woolf.
Click the image to expand, and click again to see full size:-

First Draft;
FW Draft1 01

FW Draft1 02

Second Draft;
FW Draft2 01FW Draft2 02
Third Draft;
FW Draft3 01FW Draft3 02
Fourth Draft;
FW Draft4 01FW Draft4 02
Fifth Draft;
FW Draft5 01FW Draft5 02
FW Draft5 03FW Draft5 04
FW Draft5 05
Sixth Draft;

FW Draft6 01FW Draft6 02
FW Draft6 03FW Draft6 04
FW Draft6 05

Seventh and Final Draft;

FW Draft7 (Final) 01FW Draft7 (Final) 02
FW Draft7 (Final) 03FW Draft7 (Final) 04

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