‘Great is the blessedness of those whose blood
Thou hast chosen wherewith to water the Tree
of Thine affirmation, and thus to exalt
Thy holy and immutable Word.’ 
–The Báb (Siyyid Ali Muhammad, 1819-1850)
Martyr-Prophet of the Bahá’í Faith





A Martyr For The Taking

It is 10.50am on Wednesday 26th March 2014, by now Timothy Rustige, a 65 year old pensioner from Altrincham with heart problems is about to board a plane for Aberdeen.  Ordered there by Sheriff Pile who had found him guilty after a court case a month ago.  Guilty of supposedly cyber stalking that gross excuse for femininity, Elish Angiolini, one time Lord Advocate of Scotland but now getting fat in a large armchair in St Hugh’s College in Oxford.
I was in Aberdeen’s Sheriff’s Court for the whole of the trial and can honestly say it was the biggest stitch up of all time but presumably run of the mill for Scottish justice.  Morrison, Timothy’s solicitor and Moggach, his advocate, given to him by the Court in the legal aid process acted like puppets and played the game exactly to Scottish Legal Aid due process.  The two Ms might as well as sat in the local park and not listen to the evidence for all the good they did.  Read my account of the trial published on this blog in two parts on about the 2nd and 3rd March 2014.
These two Ms have now sprung into action by warning Timothy to expect 12 months from the Sheriff and that was before social reports on Timothy asked for by the Sheriff had been received by the Court.  It is money for old rope for these Legal Aid shysters, £400+ per day for acting like goldfish in a bowl, opening and closing their mouths but nothing audible or sensible ensuing.
From the first day of the trial you could see the sham of it, with witness after witness going through the motions, perjuring themselves repeatedly and being egged on to do so by Procurator Fiscal McIntosh.  Angiolini who was 2nd witness up perjured herself on numerous occasions regarding her knowledge of the Hollie Greig complaint.  The police witnesses and there was about six of them called, could not get their simple story right and their computer expert, Stringer, said when he entered Timothy’s flat there was ane-mail address list of St Hugh’s College on the computer screen.  There never was such an address list on the computer and in fact the police, who took possession of the computer, could not produce such a list in court.  The two Ms stumbled over this pearl and never pressed.  Timothy had proof that he was in Anglesey for a week of the period under review when Angiolini was supposed to have had a torrent of bile and abuse heaped on her but again the two Ms just sat there like two moo-cows
There was proof that documents supposedly from Ren, Timothy’s wife, presented by the police had been forged and this also went unchallenged by Moggach.  And this on top of the Crown Office and Grampian Police, now Scottish Police, being in breach of Article 6 of the Human Rights Act.
They were not going to let Angiolini lose this case even though the evidence for this guilty verdict was meagre at best.  By the time Timothy realised the trial was drawing to a conclusion, he stood up and asked if he could mention various evidence on his behalf that had not been mentioned by the two Ms.  The Sheriff said “No, sit down, guilty as charged” and that was that.  The two Ms scuttled off to count their dough and all Timothy’s friends just sat there mesmerised by the gross injustice.  I will stop writing at this point now, I have wished Timothy the best of luck, but he will need more than that with these people.  They are beyond control, beyond justice.
I will await the final denouement in this farce tomorrow when Sheriff Pile announces the sentence but it seems a foregone conclusion.  I will then add it to this piece

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