Scotland’s First Minister and SNP Leader Alex Salmond Breaches FOI Act

Alistair Darling

By Robert Green – Robert Green’s Blog –

Foreword by Neil Foster – Sovereign Independent UK –

Following a Freedom of Information request sent to Alistair Darling requiring him to release expert witness testimonies in the Hollie Greig case the following reply was received.


Dear Mr Green

Thank you for your emails of 4 and 8 January.  Mr Darling has nothing further to add to the email of 19 August.

Yours sincerely

Alice Ednie

Alice Ednie

Office of Alistair Darling

Edinburgh South West MP

0131 272 2727


Robert’s response:-

Dear Mr Darling,

The Information Commissioner has confirmed that Alex Salmond and the SNP government have breached their obligations twice over sections 10(1) and 21(1) of the FOI Act. This is in response to the Commissioner`s persistent and unanswered questions over the First Minister`s role in the Hollie Greig abuse case.

Given that Scotland`s leader is thus compromised over the multiple rape of a disabled Scottish girl, is there any good reason that you can think of as to why Mr Salmond should not be questioned on this issue in the Scottish Parliament?

Also, it must surely be in the general interest that the people of Scotland are made fully aware of the First Minister`s failings in order that a balanced judgement can be made over both the facts of the Hollie Greig case and Mr Salmond`s suitability to continue in high office.

I should be most interested in your response.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Green

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