1. Whatever age going on four years old and she thinks she is smart in that photo. That will be her colouring in book in the pink folder and her Sindy doll and accessories will be in the bag she is carrying for her to play with when she gets into her playroom – sorry office.

    Billy Carlin
    Still banned by Google/Youtube

  2. Bemused to note Angela Contance announcing (heading up??) the CAS enquiry…

    Let me reel back to 1999 and a certain internet (one of the earliest ever) and press expose of anti-social behaviour in the village of Addiewell, West Lothian. Some of the the problems reported included adults plying children of circa 12-13 with booze… One particular character (who'd be about 35 at the time) had a fondness for a particular girl (circa 12) who he'd openly get quite drunk on Super Lager then start to 'feel her up' in the street before disappearing into the bushes with her… Others were selling drugs to kids their own grandchildren's age… Teenagers could on occasion be found openly having sex in doorways.

    The place was – and as far as I know still is – a fucking zoo! The police did nothing about it and the council seemed to openly encourage it as the part of the village where this was going on was literally a 'dead end', and as such they could 'contain' the problem. -To be honest, instead of building a jail there (as they did) they could just have built a fence around the village!

    At the time – as West Lothian council tried to whitewash all this, Angela Constance was quoted in the press as saying what a decent hard-working community Addiwell was and how 'upset' everyone was by these scurrilous accusations… This was in the face of photographic evidence and reports made by independent journalists from papers such as The Sun and Mail; both of whom had been given access to and abandoned house in the place to see the 'disorder' for themselves…

    Angela Constance, if I recall correctly, comes from Addiewell herself…

    An ideal choice then to whitewash the streets and paint the roses red! – And, given where she comes from and represents, and what she has tried to deny/defend in the past… Does anyone else now find her adoption of this 'childish iconography' frankly quite creepy?

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