pensioner arrested for ‘watching child porn in a car park’

A PENSIONER has been arrested after he allegedly stopped in a car park to watch child porn on his laptop.
Leroy Moore is said to have parked up in a handicapped spot and sat there for 90 minutes with his computer on.
Suspicious passers-by told police and they arrived to find him watching sick images of young boys performing sex acts.
Moore, 73, then apparently confessed, saying that he was using a nearby store’s Wi-Fi to surf the net.
Leroy Moore allegedly watched child porn in a car parkARRESTED: Leroy Moore allegedly watched child porn in a car park [PH]
Arresting officer, police lieutenant Rich Caddell, told WSOC TV: “When we asked him, he said he was watching little boys.”
He added: “What I watched still affects me today, and will probably affect me for a while.”
Moore has previously been investigated over child porn on his computer and now faces 10 years in jail for child exploitation.
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