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Monday, 10 February 2014


Supporters of Hollie have contacted me today to express their outrage of Elish Angiolini being the guest of Kirsty Young on Radio 4`s Desert Island Discs yesterday. What is worse, Angiolini was uncritically portrayed as a noble champion of rape victims.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Radio 4 is repeating the programme on Friday morning at nine o`clock.

One can only assume that the BBC has carried out no meaningful research into this individual. If they had, even putting Hollie`s case to one side, it would have soon discovered that Angiolini has been severely criticised by the most senior members of the legal profession on a wide range of highly contentious issues. The BBC must have even overlooked its own televised broadcast on 7th July 2011, with the eminent Ian Hamilton QC. Around two minutes into the programme, Mr Hamilton describes Scotland`s human rights record as appalling, identifying primarily Angiolini as being responsible for this shocking state of affairs.

I have lodged a complaint with Sue Noakes at Radio 4, who`s number is 08455 191471.

No doubt, Jimmy Savile would have received a similarly sympathetic coverage from the BBC had he still been alive.

Meanwhile, Angiolini is to face cross-examination at Tim Rustige`s trial commencing 24th February in Aberdeen. Alex Salmond`s involvement in Hollie`s case by twice breaking the law in defiance of the Information Commissioner`s queries about the case will be brought up during the proceedings.

Rusty has, like me, been denied the jury trial he should have had, so that the identify of the presiding sheriff will be crucial, in the unlikely event of Rusty actually receiving a fair trial, As you know, in my trial, Edward Bowen concealed his ten-year relationship with cited defence witness Angiolini for the entire duration of the trial. Also, any sheriff who`s post has been recommended by Alex Salmond must be subject to a potential concern over conflict of interest, especially as the First Minister and
Angiolini share the same lawyer. It is also worth mentioning that the identity of the mysterious sheriff who was “taken ill” at the last minute before the initial trial date of 4th November has never been revealed – that is, if he ever existed at all.

It is truly bizarre that Rusty, who`s organisation Prisoners of Conscience International, has gallantly fought for human rights against the Marcos  regime in the Philipines, to secure the release of Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma and for Nelson Mandela against the apartheid regime in South Africa, should now face persecution in Britain, by the similarly corrupt Salmond regime, purely on the say-so of the person most responsible for Scottish human rights abuses – Elish Angiolini!

Please stand by Rusty in any way that you can, as you bravely did for me and for Hollie.


  1. The blatant propping up of a widely discredited character on the eve of the next potentially unlawful Scottish Court Scandal?

    No doubt even more people will stop paying their licence fee in protest, as a result of this charade?

    Why is ‘her’ reputation so important to the Establishment, when nobody is listening?

    Kirsty Young hold your head in shame…?

    When the truth comes out, the association will stick like the proverbial shit-on-a-blanket?


  2. Typical of the public-funded Beeb – an elitist propaganda tool promoting the scum of officialdom while ignoring the sentiments of their licence payers – and providing the scandal-ridden Angiolini with yet another opportunity for a spot of airs n graces self-promotion – which comes across as cheap and nasty ‘chutzpah’.
    Guess what the smug skanger’s favourite record was – ‘My Way’.
    Pity the desert island she visited wasn’t inhabited by cannibals.


  3. With reference to Robert’s closing paragraph, it truly is ironic that the main mover and shaker of the Prisoners of Conscience International group that has done so much since the 1970’s to expose and fight the injustices meted out by brutal knuckle-dragging Third World rogue regimes – Indonesia , Burma and the Philippines to name a sample – all of whom have or still do, act alike Israel – in the manner of organised crime syndicates, ignoring the statutes of international law and the niceties of polite society – while equipped with the resources of (rogue) nation states – is himself now the target of yet another Third World regime so close to home: specifically Alex Salmond’s ‘Independence’ promoting Scotland – where the First Minister can ignore with impunity the directives of the Queen’s Freedom of Information Commissioner regarding his involvement in the coverup of the Hollie Greig scandal.

    Scotland – where sexually abused children don’t qualify for a police investigation and the law lords refuse to comply with a Parliamentary petition that they declare their outside (conflicts of) interests.


  4. These people are just extracting the urine. For what it’s worth, here’s the iplayer link.

    She began her criminal career by stealing Xmas cake !!


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