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Friday, May 3, 2019

Maria Laverty – Head pro troll gang leader – Wellytop must be so proud of her leader as a good vile foot soldier

Maria Laverty – Maria Laverty shared a link to Thinking of… | Facebook

Maria Laverty shared a link to Thinking of Madeleine and all Missing Children’s timeline. … Public Figure. Kate and Gerry Mccann: RIP Madeleine Beth Mccann.

Linked to #McCann hashtag @Nowayjomo and the McCann’s themselves – Then linked to the BBC….

Our Funders. Our 2017-18 funders are: Bank of Scotland Foundation; BBC Children in Need; Big Lottery Fund; Comic Relief; City of Edinburgh Council; East …

BBC NEWS | Talk about Newsnight | The McCanns’ plight …
31 May 2007 – It’s been four weeks since Madeleine McCann went missing in Portugal. …… If a child went missing here in Edinburgh, I’m sure I would not see as many posters appealing for their whereabouts as I have …… At 10:46 AM on 01 Jun 2007,; Maria wrote: …… At 03:12 PM on 06 Jun 2007,; Mrs Laverty wrote:.

The Rape crisis centre has links to CEOP and Missing people charities along with Saints and Sinners charities all linked between the McCann’s, Jim Gamble and others… Maria and Her sister Kate work at the Rape crisis centre in Edinburgh. 

National action plan to tackle child sexual exploitation: progress report ……/2/ …
11 Apr 2018 – In Edinburgh the worker chairs the prevention subgroup of the Violence … Publication of The National Missing Persons Framework … Lanarkshire Rape Crisis Centre young people’s STAMP (Stamp Out Media …. These include Barnardo’s Scotland, Childline in Scotland and the Moira Anderson Foundation.

National Action Plan to Prevent and Tackle Child Sexual Exploitation ……/SG_National_Action_Plan_to_Prevent_and_Tackle_CSE_ ……
18 Apr 2018 – policy on child trafficking, missing persons and online safety of children … In Edinburgh the worker chairs the prevention subgroup of the Violence Against …. Lanarkshire Rape Crisis Centre young people’s STAMP (Stamp Out Media Patriarchy) …. Childline in Scotland and the Moira Anderson Foundation.

9 May 2009 – Operation Algebra child rape convictions in Scotland: open WiFi tracking, digital camera image forensics. By … Edinburgh based journalist Mike Wade, has published, on his Wades world … Jim Gamble, the head of the Child Exploitation and Online … See The Register – ISPs slam CEOP bid to rewrite RIPA.

Missing People charity awarded funding boost | Charity Today News  › MAIN FEATURED
26 Jan 2018 – In total, £93.4 million was awarded to charities and good causes on the night … UK charity Missing People, which runs the only national helpline … annual event, on Tuesday 23 January, at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. … which will help us continue to keep our lights on and our crisis lines open.

services for the UK’s rough sleepers and homeless people …
Rape Crisis South London/Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre … Central hub connecting teens, young adults, employers, training providers and charities to each other. … You can text 116 000 even if you have no credit left on your phone, or email …. Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre.
Abuse support and sex education sites blocked by ISP’s ‘porn filters …  › LIFE › Tech
19 Dec 2013 – … sex education site  and Edinburgh’s Women’s Rape and Sexual … Mr Cameron also noted that he disagreed with Jim Gamble, the former head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop), who . …  Paedophilia in Britain: the Victims Story The Smashing of an Internet …
24 Jun 2007 – … Edinburgh housing estate who were convicted on Friday of the rape … Jim Gamble, chief executive of CEOP, outlined the importance of the … … Joseph O’driscoll?
aints and Sinners – St Augustine’s Golf Club …
5 Jan 2018 – Kent Seniors was paid to Gary’s chosen charity – the Pilgrim’s Hospice. … This year we have unfortunately lost our two fixtures with Royal Cinque Ports … and look forward to enjoying The Saints and Sinners in 2017. … number of people asking if I could develop a booking system that would promote more. I think this is another charity connected to missing people and the rape centre – Saints and sinners and Gerry loved golf and the family did plan those golf days?

Woman to Woman – Rape Crisis Scotland …
I thought I want to be somewhere where people, more or less, were all aiming in …. when she joined the Rape Crisis centre in Edinburgh: …. of the fact that they were operating largely in the dark, the group lost no time in setting …. “Sometimes…cheques would arrive out of the blue – one from Saints & Sinners…charity…and.

Hamilton Park Racecourse all set for Saints and Sinners event – Daily …  › News › Local News › Hamilton
24 Jun 2014 – Saints and Sinners event set to draw record crowds. … racing card, not to mention the Saints and Sinners charity benefiting, with donations … “However it is the people who really make Saints and Sinners the …. Missing peopleCeltic and Rangers documentary maker thanks public after missing son-in-law is … See saints and sinners charity linked to Missing people too

Woman to Woman – Rape Crisis Scotland …
Audain, Dorothy Kemp, Dorothy Brownlie, Kate Laverty, Maria Laverty, Sheila Brodie, ….. would arrive out of the blue – one from Saints & Sinners…charity…and.

9 Aug 2018 – A second branch of the charity Rape Crisis Scotland has been … to allow the Glasgow Rape Crisis Centre to reopen its waiting list for individual counselling. … after it reportedly lost its funding from BBC Children in Need. … Bradley Welsh shooting: Trainspotting 2 star killed in Edinburgh West End shooting …

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, GCVO, CSM, PC is a member of the British royal family. She is ….. On 10 February 2005, Clarence House announced that Camilla and the … The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh did attend the service of blessing. ….. She often speaks to victims at a rape crisis centrein Croydon and visits other …

That the Parliament notes the unanimous decision of the City of Edinburgh Council to adopt the …. Support for Rape Crisis Centres and Prosecutions. That the …

Missing: clarence ‎| ‎Must include: ‎clarence
Rape Crisis Scotland support resource for LGBTI survivors of sexual violence … significant levels of abuse, harassment and violence (Leonard, Mitchell, Pitts, … the Centre for Research on Families & Relationships, University of Edinburgh.
… /life-504/family-other-relationships-50/1594907-where-do-you-draw-line.html …… 1083/other-fitness-activities-613/1596346-body-image-crisis-minute-help-ladies.html …… /local-chat-make-friends-20/scotland-23/edinburgh-951/1597234-hello.html …… -1109/court-cases-43/1598393-rape-sober-bf-vs-drunk-gf.html 2016-12-

169, 360G-CR-344255, Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre, Trauma-informed ….. 8/28/2014, 7/1/2017, Northern Ireland, NetMums Award, Belfast City Council.
  Netmums Family friend
She is stood next to Kate with the black curly hair at the 6 year vigil
16 Apr 2018 – Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey has been criticised for describing … She said Scottish Women’s Aid and Rape Crisis Scotland had ..
See full document Housing in Scotland – a crisis coming … Mark Adams, who worked for both Tony Blair and John Major, raped the teenager in Edinburgh as she slept. … he’s looking for a new ‘Kenny Dalglish’ or ‘Joe Jordan’ for the national team. … Women waiting for Rape Crisis counselling are empowering themselves …
At Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre, we provide a safe space for survivors to be ….. after we handed a ‘could do better’ report card to Tony Blair’s Downing Street, .

26 Feb 2019 – A former Downing Street civil servant has been convicted of rape for the second time in a month. … Mark Adams was convicted at the High Court in Edinburgh … Mark Adams, 56, who acted as private secretary to both Tony Blair and John … and stopped in Regent Road in the city centrewhile feeling drunk.

Missing: crisis ‎| ‎Must include: ‎crisis
26 Mar 2019 – A former aide to Tony Blair and John Major has been jailed for a second time after raping a teenager in Edinburgh as she slept in his camper .
Then there’s links with All of the charities/people to the Edinburgh rape crisis centre where Maria Laverty works…With Blair, Major, Kennedy, Hogg, Meyer, Symington…ALL pro McCann’s…

The Symington Family: David Symington’s brother, Ian Douglas Symington is an old friend of British Prime Minister, John Major. David’s nephew Johnny Symington is Britain’s Honorary Consul in Oporto, Portugal.

Howell James (Chief of Communications for Blair) – Man responsible for seconding Clarence Mitchell to Foreign and Commonwealth Office on May 26th 2007. A political advisor to Conservative Prime Minister, John Major. Hired by Blair in 2004. Left position in 2008 under Gordon Brown.

Baroness Justice Mary Hogg – Conservative Peer responsible for making Madeleine McCann a Ward of Court in May 2007.

Sarah Hogg (sister) – Chairman of British Private Equity company, 3i Plc. Major investor’s in Brian Kennedy’s double-glazing companies and Control Risks Group. Former BBC Governor responsible for sacking Greg Dyke over the David Kelly/WMD affair. Hogg was John Major’s Policy Advisor.

Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones: Former foreign affairs advisor to John Major and close friend of Sarah Hogg. Chairman of British Defense Research Company,Qinetiq, privatised under Tony Blair between 2003-2005.She was also Chairman of the British Joint Intelligence Committee. Ex–Central Intelligence Agency Director George Tenet served as an independent non-executive director. Carlyle Group were the company’s first major investors. Hogg’s company are also investors. As BBC Governor she combined forces with Sarah Hogg in the dismissal of Greg Dyke over his handling of the David Kelly/WMD affair.

John Major: Former Conservative Prime Minister and former Head of Carlyle Europe.

Sir Christopher Meyer: Press secretary to Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs under Prime Minister John Major. British Ambassador to the United States from 1997 until his retirement in 2003 (under Tony Blair). Chairman of Press Complaint Commission who negotiated out of court libel settlement (or services fee) for Gerry and Kate McCann. Married to Lady Catherine Meyer who campaign with the McCanns in Europe for EU-Wide Amber Alert.

Michael Caplan QC: Conservative lawyer who advised the McCanns and General Pinochet. Also represented Conservative MP Damian Green in Immigration row.

Michael Shrimpton QC: Barrister who advised on National Security issues during the extradition of General Pinochet. Came up with ridiculous (but useful) intelligence theories for the death of David Kelly and Madeleine McCann. Advisor to Intelligence Summit in Washington DC along with Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones – who heads up Britain private and shadow intelligence services.

Richard Parton: Partnered Kevin Halligen’s Oakley International in the Madeleine McCann Investigation. Advisor with Shrimpton and Baroness Neville-Jones to Washington’s Intelligence Summit.

Forensic Science Services: Based in Birmingham and responsible for handling all the major DNA testing for the Portuguese Police during the McCann Investigations. Due to be privatised under Brown and looking for investors. Headed by Simon Bennet – former Managing Director of Qinetiq – the former Government Defence Company run by Baroness Neville-Jones.

With links to PACT And Mitchell and Missing people Maria DOES have direct links to the McCann’s…

And Gamble and PACT….



Humza Yousaf on Twitter: “You might have missed this with everything … 13 Dec 2018 – Rape Crisis & Children First providing expertise. …. yer neck wi a blow torch 6 coaches all at the same time And Gerry mccann as club doctor ffs.
Now, Maria has already had one account (Which she denies of course, as McCann’s apologists aren’t supposed to have socks) Suspended…Now, it must have been something very serious for that surely?
Just giving link….

Oh who’s a wee little liar?? Not whom Nowaymojo/jomo is claiming….
And if you think that Noway aka Maria aka Mojo aka jomo is in any way ”A good guy” you’re wrong.
Remember she works for a woman’s rape crisis centre? This is some of hers and her ”Fellow good guys” handy work….Should anyone be saying things like this? Let alone someone in HER position??? Wouldn’t this look bad for the CHARITY she works for? 
The woman Nowayjomo aims that disgusting Durzo stuff at? Only said that she was shocked at Durzo being accused/arrested, and she wasn’t defending him but it just surprised her, like the McCann’s said about Freud but here’s the thing.
Noway aka Maria Laverty is the one who works in the Rape crisis centre…Should these things be used against others all in the name of McCann? And she and her fellow apologists don’t stop there….
It has already proven Isabelle was NOT Kiki Barnes by people on twitter and another blog.  It was another pro, but of course, Maria and Co cannot stop telling that lie because after all, they aren’t meant to be the trolls, we are….
Maria thinks she is doing good by the McCann’s by trolling and doing what she does…But she uses sex crimes against others and so do her fellow disgusting pros…Sickening. 

How Brenda Leyland was doxxed, harassed and ‘outed’ by Maria Laverty and co and now they try their hardest to blame others, shirking the blame like the cowards they are and here, her fellow pro mocking a sexual abuse victim….How much lower can these ”creatures” go? 
Well? Maria retweets support for rape victims, then likens the release of a WEBSITE to ”Mental rape” 
Shall we add Maria’s name to this monitoring team operation?
Let’s be clear. Maria’s name has been said on tag before. We’re just playing fire, with fire. All of this information is easily found online, search for yourself. 
Just read back, remember what line of work she is in, and who and what it reflects on and what she has used in her ”quest” and you decide who’s in the wrong here… How many on McCann have been libelled, doxxed and threatened by the McCann’s apologists including MARIA LAVERTY? Unfortunately, more than we know of. She has called peoples works, homes, she’s delved into their FAMILIES life’s who have children. All to stop free speech that they do this abuse under. So, I wonder what the Edinburgh rape crisis centre would really think of all of her actions? Some of what we have put here of what she has done is TAME. 
But this is now daily abuse, all because people don’t follow the McCann’s ”Abduction narrative” and support Justice for Madeleine and Goncalo Amaral. Brenda should never have happened. Sadly, Maria and co haven’t learnt a single thing. 
Maria’s blog…

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Maria Laverty – Head pro troll gang leader – Wellytop must be so proud of her leader as a good vile foot soldier

Maria Laverty – Maria Laverty shared a link to Thinking of… | Facebook…

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